Tuesday, July 26, 2005

* Cary Steinbuck - A League of Her Own

Cary Steinbuck is in the Hell Hole's Target
I heard some rumblings about a sneaky, underhanded, down and dirty ( but by the books ) move. The story caught my attention. How could something so sneaky, so underhanded and so dirty, be.... by the books? When I found out the author of the book is Cary Steinbuck I expected the book to be a some sort of crayon color between the lines books? I was close. The book starts with Cary Steinbuck sticking her tongue out of her mouth and dismantling one of the city's most respected and best peforming organizations.

I talked with Michael Harrington to get the 411. He knew one of the players involved. I called Cathy Vates, she is involved. Everything I heard was true. It was all true. Ms. Vates is very disappointed, so was Mr. Harrington. After the story was confirmed, so was I. Here is a bit of background. According to the RPCC website, in 1997, the Rogers Park Community Council formed a new subsidiary corporation in order to develop economic stability in our neighborhood callled The Rogers Park Community Development Corporation.

A board of directors was installed. The Rogers Park Community Development Corporation has been very successful under this umbrella of RPCC. It's a straight up organization that has grown. The staff is talented with it's own enthusiastic board of directors. Excuse me. It had it's own board of directors.

Let's move ahead to 2005. In mid April, Cary Steinbeck pulled a Mayor Daley. Remember Meigs Field runway Mayor Daley? She went in and bulldozed the RPCDC board of directors. Shut them down. Good people from our community like Brian White, Scott Phillips, Nancy Butzen and Molly Hatner. Good people like Board President Keith Lord. Cary Steinbuck took control of everything in a power play move. Cary Steinbuck and the Community Council board began to feel threatened by the CDC, even though it was rapidly becoming RPCC's bread and butter.

So who's in charge? Rogers Park Community Council is lead by a group of 22 or so members who either live or work in our neighborhood. I thought it might be nice to introduce these bozo's to you. These are the members of our community that followed Cary Steinbuck in dismantling RPCDC.

Donald Rankins - President
Elizabeth Vitell - 1st Vice President
Cesar Izquierdo - 2nd Vice President
Jennifer Clark - 3rd Vice President 
Magaly Fernandez - Treasurer
Lorraine Dostal - Secretary

Also Connie Abels, Marlena Bansa, Glen Brooks, Jr., Mina Cardenas, Emma Clay, Linda England, Lorene Hopkins, David Jones, Karrie Kindle, Jennifer Kuhn, Bill Markle, Richard P. Moran , Craig Siegelin, Norman White and Patricia Williams.

Have any of you heard about any of this? Of course not! If it was such an intelligent decision, why isn't the Community Council bragging about it in the Aldermadic propaganda newsletter RP2000? Cary Steinbuck and the above mentioned people know their actions would only be met with disapproval. They simply didn't tell anyone. This books final chapter isn't written yet. Stay tuned.....


rogerparker said...

Keep digging! I believe Steinbuck went to school with Moore. From what I hear these two go wayyyyyyy back?

rogerparker said...

By the way, I laughed so fucking hard when I saw the comicial looking cartoon of Steinbuck in your target. If Steinbuck lost 120 pounds she would look just like the picture you posted. Thanks for making the sad situation hilarious.

Craig Gernhardt said...

Roger Parker,

Please refrain from the personal attacks on health issues. That goes for everyone else too.

I knew this drawing would stir controversy, that's why I used it. This drawing represents the transparency of Cary's actions. I see right through her act. And yes.... she is in my target for her poor and close to illegal actions.

Back to the story, if anyone who is in the above mentioned story wants to comment, sign in and explain. Anyone who can shed more light. I have calls in, waiting for more answers to questions. No response so far.

All other rude remarks about the satirical photo drawing will be deleted.

Charlie Didrickson said...
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Craig Gernhardt said...

One thing about blogger, it offers nice features. I get a copy of all posters messages. Even when they delete them. Here is Charlie Didrickson's. I hate to have a comment go to waste. So few want to speak up. Most are scared of losing their job. Charlie, I left the full comment intact.
While I think it is a really funny and good painting I find it in poor taste/judgement Craig.

Scott Phillips told me about it weeks ago.

While not taking sides here, I and I assume many others would like the FULL story.

Of course the FULL story is rarely your angle.

I agree many on the board are great folks and I like many of them.

Politics being what they are, I doubt this is the first time something like this has happened.

Please don't pass judgement untill you have the whole story. Of course with these things it is unlikely the real story will ever be known.

Good luck on that one.....

PS thanks for letting us know your reason for choosing the artwork...as if that wasn't obvious enough.

OK I admit that a little bit of my coffe may have come out of my nose.

I used to think you had rocks in your head. Now I just think you have some big rocks.

Posted by Charlie Didrickson to The "Broken Heart" of Rogers Park at 7/26/2005 07:27:12 AM

John on Farwell. said...

Art is in the eye of the beholder. This is cleaver Craig well done. Cary Steinbuck needs to answer her actions to the community. Who now owns 1528 W. Morse? RPCC? That won't go over well when asking Moore for grants. Or maybe it will.

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