Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And It Came to Pass

Richard The Father begat Richard the Son,

Joe Rostenkowski begat Dan,

Adlai begat Adlai,

Cullertons begat Cullertons,

Joseph P. Burke begat Edward M.,

Thomas Hynes begat Daniel,

Roy Washington begat Harold,

Michael Madigan begat Lisa,

Roman Pucinski begat Aurelia,

Thomas P. Keane begat Thomas E.,

Tony Laurino begat Margaret,

Lemuel Austin betroth Carrie,

Kathy Osterman begat Harry,

John begat Urkel,

Bobbie Steele begat Robert,

William Beavers begat Darcel,

And Emil begat Emil.


Saskia said...

Hilarious, Hugh. You're not "chopped liver" to me baby!

Big Daddy said...

And the corruption will continue and grow just as it has in the past. And the citizens will continue to re-elect them just as they have in the past. Because to do anything else would be viewed as viewed as politically incorrect.

Fargo Woman said...

That has to be the best run down of Chicago nepotism I've ever seen. One possible oversight is John H. Stroger begat Todd - or is your list strictly the City of Chicago and not County?

Heaven help us is Joe Moore's son decides to entry the fray.

Thanks for the chuckle with my morning coffee.


Hugh said...

Stroger the Lesser is in there - read it again

Fargo Woman said...

"John began Erkel"

I stand corrected.

Jolly good.


Hugh said...

more political geneology the Trib:

Illinois politics: All in the family

Family ties are what bind Illinois into its sad state

Man On The Street said...

Nice and funny post... again. But on the serious side, how did it come to pass that a politician can appoint his successor in ANY circumstances, without public input? I've lived in Cook County all my life (more than 40 years) but never really examined this. What if the public doesn't want this mope to represent them? There's no immediate recourse? No way to demand a special election?

Hugh said...

I guess it's nepotism day in the Chicago media

State politics smitten with incurable plague
Carol Marin

everybody who writes about this catches primogeniture the others missed

Hugh said...

Ed Burke betroth Anne

William Lipinski begat Daniel

Richard The Father begat Richard The Son and John and Bill

Jesse begat Jesse

Jesse betroth Sandi

Charlie Didrickson said...

Ralph beget Craig

Hugh said...

Loleta begat Charlie

Charlie Didrickson said...

Funny Hugh.

Let's see now. I am NOT State Comptroller, I am NOT even a State Rep. I DON'T work for any Constitutional Officer in the State of Illinois or ANY State run office of any kind!

In fact I work for a guy who owns a building in Rogers Park as "property manager" and work on

Actually I am chopped liver in comparison!

Cripes man...I was just having a little joke! I don't actually think Craig's job in the private sector is really the same thing at all.

I can't speak for any of the employees at Gay Chicago Mag.

Lighten up!

proGun said...

What would it take to get a referendum on the ballot to prevent this?

Jocelyn said...

Maybe Hugh isn't the only one who needs a sense of humour around here ;o) (no offense)

Hugh, this was really funny- it actually gets funnier the more one thinks about it as it's all so absurd.

Keep on challenging authority- it is appreciated.

Sock Puppeteer said...

proGun said...
What would it take to get a referendum on the ballot to prevent this?

Just VOTE YES on the constitutional convention in November.
They can add a line to the state constitution to require an open election to replace someone on the ballot & ban children, spouses, & other relatives from taking over.

Rich Rostrom said...

Don't forget...

the Lipinskis

the Elrods (back in the day)

Hugh said...

good catch

Arthur X. Elrod (cook cty commish) begat Richard (sheriff)

Hugh said...

Howard Brookins Sr. (state Senator) begat Howard Brookins, Jr (alderman, 21st)

it's hard to know when to stop with this thread

Hugh said...

Jeremiah Joyce (state senator) begat Kevin Joyce (state rep)

stop me before I blog again

Mark Fletcher said...

Please stop. I mean, these are precious minutes of my life that I'll never get back.

proGun said...

Big Bush begat Lil Bush

First few episodes on Comedy Central were cool.

Hugh said...

Richard Mell begat Deb

Hugh said...

ouch! this one hurts...

Alert Reader sends in this obvious one from our own back yard!

Alderman (49th) David Hartigan begat former Lt. Gov. Neil Hartigan

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