Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bike barn gets stalls

When the CTA starting assessing the cost to rebuild one of the old storefronts during the Morse Avenue 'L' renovation project - rising costs on one particular unit became a major concern. It was going to cost too much to fix up. 

So Alderman Moore (49th ward) looked for idea's from the community. 
One such idea was to tear down the walls and install a bike barn for commuters who rode their bike's to the station. 
After months of work, one of the last touches to the Morse Avenue redline station was added December 27, on the West side of the Lunt Avenue entrance. Bike stalls.
Workers finished installing the stalls, which hold five bikes each, along Glenwood Avenue. A two foot brick wall is surrounding the barn - and there's plenty of lighting. Nine stalls were placed in all.
BLOGNOTES: This is the same area where a female was sexually assaulted just one week ago. The offender is still loose and on the prey.


Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Nice picture Craig!

Chip Bagg said...

This "plaza" needs an appropriate Rogers Park style nickname. I can think of a few, but will hold off until I see how well the space is used or abused.

Craig Gernhardt said...

Katy Hogan already wants it named the "Gidget's B&B and Bike Sanctuary."

Sammy Amato said...

Wow. Weird how all of sudden construction work was done in the middle of winter on this site. You can't erase the trauma of what happened in that area last week with some fresh paint and new bike racks. Sad.

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