Wednesday, February 22, 2006

* 49th Ward ZALUC Vetos Abels Plan

You won't find the "Happy Heart" in Connie Abels-ReMax North Coast window today or anytime soon. The 49th ZULAC committee vetoed her ""Restaurant in the Sky Plan"... for now.

Alderman Moore still holds the final call. Nothings a done deal. Anything still can happen while Alderman Moore and "Happy Heart" are in charge.


John on Farwell. said...

I can just imagine what jeff thinks of us today?

rogerparker said...

what a joke. somehow i see connie getting what she wants. remember banks?

gf said...


wow. that traveling happy heart mascot campaign is like an episode straight out of the andy griffith show. andy, barney, aunt bee and all of mayberry would be proud.

and happy too.

rogerparker said...

the traveling happy heart now thats funny

Annie on Ashland said...

Craig_you should be flattered. My view is they respect the effort you put out enough to make fun of you in a humorous way.

Birchwood Bill said...

Thank god this group got it right this time. I can only pray Ald. Moore stands by their decision. This was the right decision. Thank you for following this development Craig. By the way, I chuckled at the traveling happy heart. That made my day. I for one will keep my eyes open.

jeff o said...

im not sold that this is dead,
and yes you can "congratulate" yourselves for putting more effort into trying to stop the erection of a nice looking building, but failing to save the adelphi,

double whammy,
you guys arent tough enough when it matters and act like asses when it does,

im not impressed with the CAVE element here,
hopefully moore will just push this through, im with him on this one.

well jeff is ashamed of you, but jeffo isnt worried about future development in RP, sheridan is going to undergo big changes in the near future, as RP becomes more and more desireable to prospective buyers and developers, and if the adelphi cant be saved, then nothing is sacred, and loyola plots will be developed as they see fit no matter what the Caves think or want,

sheridan is ripe for commercial development and space and highrises, and its inevitable,

Roswell's Cousin said...

Greetings from Farsight Arms
If jeff o is right, then we must shift our efforts from opposing canyon like condo development to CONDOR development.
If Sheridan road is to be populated by buildings, which as Le Coubusier claimed[1], will allow people to touch the sun, then let us work to make Rogers Park the NUMBER ONE nesting ground for birds of prey.
Please, no jokes about raptors in three piece suits.
[1] Courbusier's works inspired housing projects such as Pruitt-Igoe in St. Louis, Robert Taylor, Cabrini Green...

Blogger Bob said...

I hope that you all keep these posts patting yoursevles on the back for stopping anything good in this area. Rogers Park IS ripe for development and IT WILL happen. I hope they put in the harbor (which they will) and the bike path (which they will) and get rid of all of that frickin ugly fencing and fill being erected on the beaches that are supposed to be open to all HA HA HA!!! Maybe you all can have a party in about three years when everything you fought so hard NOT to happen, happens!!

Thomas Westgard said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rebecca Rouilly said...

Cousin R, if polygamy were legal I would be asking for your hand right now...

Thanks for reminding us how important touching the sun really is.

Chip Bagg said...

I say we kidnap "Happy Heart".

Rebecca Rouilly said...

Is the happy heart like the gnome in "Amelie"...?

Rebecca Rouilly said...

Blogger Bob has a blog? Add that to the list...

Hugh said...

> you can "congratulate" yourselves

> you guys arent tough enough when it matters and act like asses when it does,

> im not impressed with the CAVE element here

> well jeff is ashamed of you

Say jeffo,

Have you noticed how often in your posts you address the group as a group and tell us what we think? Because I have. I'd like to encourage you to please speak for yourself and lay off the "you guys..."

QuestionAuthority said...

Jeff -o, you're an idiot. You spent all day yesterday pimping for Connie's nutty Sheridan Rd. plan and why? Because you seem to think this was/is all about residents always opposing any development in RP?

Many of us favor responsible, well thought out and well planned development, but this was not. It was Connie Abels trying to lead the community to her "vision" for RP of building a high rise parking garage on Sheridan Rd. that would dwarf it's neighbors. I see little evidence (besides your rantings) of the community ratifying this as their "plan".

Many of us desperately want to see our commercial strips revitalized, and that would be Clark, Devon, Morse, and Howard, not this stretch of Sheridan. Much of the zoning on those streets would allow something of the scale she proposes and I for one look forward to much new development here. Yes, even the Adelphi replacement, which will be a vast improvement over a run down long empty structure.

I'm so encouraged today that the system seems to be working.

Hugh said...

Wow! The Morse Hell Hole as literary artifact made a great leap forward today with the inclusion of a reference to Le Corbusier.

jeff o said...

not this stretch of sheridan,

that is a pretty stupid mantra,
this teeny itsy bitsy little side street called sheridan,

sounds pretty arbitrary to me,
it would hardly dwarf its neigbors,
by dwarf you mean its taller,

dwarf really mean 4-5 times taller
not a few stories taller,

it doesnt matter if the community ratifies the plan, as development usually is not dictate by the community,

the same could be said of everyone else,
i suppose thats what someone with a different opinions writings looks like.

more like defending.

Roswell's Cousin said...

Greetings From Farsight Arms (Not a Le Courbusier building)
I was thinking of this
Le Courbusier building.
Imagine these ringing Sheridan Road. Great nesting places for Condors, Falcons and Hawks don't you think?

Chip Bagg said...

> Great nesting places for Condors, Falcons and Hawks don't you think?
More like great nesting places for pigeons!

watch_them_lie said...

Connie Ables, Give Away Joe Moore, and their Hi-Rise Lie

When a substantive lie is found out, only a fool will not consider critically other statements made by the LIER, as well as statements of the LIERS the LIER lies down with.

Their Statement:

Connie (and Joe Moore too) says (to paraphrase) “I want to build this project to ‘Give Something Back’ to Rogers Park. I want to give the community a nice restaurant and some extra off street parking. I would never do anything to hurt Rogers Park - I LOVE THIS PLACE.”

So says Connie Able.

Connie wants to make some $$ too – well, THAT’S the truth - and that’s OK as long as it doesn’t STEAL something from Rogers Park in the process – like our lakefront.

The Lies:

Lie #1 - 7015 Sheridan is not just a Connie deal. It is Connie and some unknown partner, probably Reza Toulabi – destroyer of the 7001 and 7301 Sheridan properties. Don’t want to stand up in front of the community and show your face (I am NOT an animal ......)? Hiding something we are …. This lie was first uncovered by Hugh, who found the cross collateralization of the 7001 building with Connie’s property. Connie/Joe propose a Planned Unit Development to step outside of zoning (and the Lakefront Protection Act) restrictions entirely, and to make modifications to the project easier once the project is underway. You can bet they will be back trying to go higher.

Joe’s moving on – he gets re-elected next year, pays off all his buddies who made it al possible by supporting condo towers on Sheridan Rd. then waves by-by to Rogers Park and David Fagus, our then new Alderman-select.

Or maybe Joe won’t move along so fast after all – there will be lots’ of payola rollin’ in once the high rise dam breaks …… Listen up Dave Fagus …. The wait may be longer than you thought …..

And hey Dave – how can you guys be a Progressive Independent Democrat Organization? Isn’t there an oxymoron in there somewhere?

Lie #2 – Connie and her shadow partner’s plans are not ultimately for the project they proposed – and pitched to the community. The additional parking will go to enhance condo sales at 7001 and the community will not get any new off-street parking – just more density. Is that what you guys said? Connie/Joe will be back for more and more floors (That’s Moore as in Joe Moore) - higher and higher - because each condo they build at 7015 Sheridan is worth at least $450k (say $100k profit). Two condos per floor – that’s Connie’s idea of “Givin’ back ….” Potentially opening the floodgates to high rise development for her own personal gain is really loving our community. With lovers like you Connie …… What kind of shadow does a 30 story building cast across the park at Morse and Sheridan at 5:00pm on the 4th of July? Connie doesn’t want to go 30 stories you say? Well, if old girl goes 15 stories, like they publicly admitted (OOPS) that they wanted to, Leona’s will want to go 30 stories – and they’ll point to 7015 Sheridan and say “She did it ….why not us?” And rightly so if the community lets them start. Give-away-Joe is ramping up his campaign fund. Or is it his retirement fund too? Remember, he gets to keep what he doesn’t spend …… mmmmm ……

Lie #3 – They may have talked about a restaurant at some point in the concept process (Reeza is in the biz after all – and he knows it would be a looser too at 7 stories…), but the renderings they showed the Rogers Park “folks who don’t have jobs, and never do anything anyway” when Connie/Joe put on their dog and pony show at the field house wasn’t the design for a rooftop restaurant. Looked like penthouse units to everyone I asked ….. Connie thinks we’re stupid. I’d bet those duplex condos are worth $750k each (or more/Moore). The higher up they go, the higher the price goes – a veritable money elevator to “Connie’s Retirement Fund “ – bless her great big old heart … givin’ back and all ……

Lie #4 – Joe won’t support Connie/Joe’s deal because his Mickey Mouse Get Round Open Meeting Ethics Zoning Advisory Board Rubber Stamp Committee - JUST SAYS NO!!!! So you are all safe. It’s a dead deal. You can all go home now …..

Are you folks kidding??? Laugh Laugh I thought I’d die ……..

This is GREAT for Joe Moore. A classic “I Win / I Win” as the politicians say. And Give Away Joe sez:

“Connie dear …. That mean old zoning advisory board, full of old hippies and wacko activists and not enough of the right kind of developer folks just won’t go for your beautiful plan to “give back .. You know, there IS an election coming up and all … and it’s gona be a hard fought and VERY EXPENSIVE (nudge nudge wink wink) election if I do say so myself. Connie, you just need to keep helpin’ me out this next year like you always have, and when I’m re-elected, THE SKY IS THE LIMIT Con old girl …….. the SKY’s THE LIMIT … “

BTW – by bending the rules to give Connie (and her partner to be named later) parking for condos at 7001, and to eventually let them build Up Up UP (you can bank on it – they will), Joe Moore makes it impossible for honest straight shooting developers to compete with Connie. So, they too must line up at the ‘Church of Aldermanic Influence’ and start contributing to Joe’s campaign, so they too can build to bent rules …. You can’t buy an Alderman without your checkbook …. Or can you? Well, that checkbook sure helps create an “Understanding Environment” in the old 49th Ward. Joe Moore gets his donations if he helps, and he gets his donations if he doesn’t. The Man has been consumed by the Politician.

The Epilog is Prolog:

Look to Sheridan Rd. north of Hollywood to see what Rogers Park could be if Give Away Joe Moore is re-elected next year, and people like Connie Ables are allowed to function as the de facto Rogers Park Planning Commission. If Give Away Joe wins the election THEY WILL BE BACK. If you are a new condo owner (welcome!!), look at the depths to which the community immediately to the west of the 6000 Sheridan Rd. Canyon crashed after the wall went up – and stayed crashed for 25 years. If you can’t wrap your head around the Lakefront Protection Act because you love Rogers Park’s beautiful beach, or appreciate sunrise before noon, just go ahead and vote your pocket book. Those ‘high rise projects to come’ may well be great for the people who eventually live in them, and WILL be great for the down town developers who “give back” to their own bottom line, but your property values may not fare so well ……. Shadows in the morning, shadows in the evening, shadows in the summertime ……. And you think the parking is bad now ………

There’s SOOOOO many other lies, but I’ve got to get back to work …

jeff o said...

and people say i rant,


A-number one caver has come out of his hole!

Carol J. said...

I don't trust this whole situation. Something doesn't add up. I'm with Craig. Everything is fine for now. Thanks for keeping an eye on the project. cj

rogerparker said...

watch them lie dont know didley shit jeff-o is just one rung lower on the dumb shit chart rebecca rouilly is a kiss ass dumb shit tommy westgard is the head dumb shit hughs information is full of shit and craigie is the toliet bowl full of all your shit.

QuestionAuthority said...

And what, I don't even rate?

ColonelHogan said...

rogerparker needs more fiber in his diet. or less. i cant really tell

MajSquarenuts said...

Wow, watch them lie, lie! Your whole black helicopter story is good humor! One small hole, Hugh's screwball intepretation is wrong. He can dig, he can pull a misrecorded doc, but he doesn't have a clue if he really thinks the two properties or owners are in anyway connected, other than at the property line! But hey, he suckered you and few others, so why bother with any other supporting facts?

RP Dude said...

Oh - Jeff-O - but we did prove you wrong. We did shut this thing down. Your simplified reasoning that unabridged gentrification and development will occur here without community input is misguided. We are stakeholders here and we will be heard, considered, and respected for our valuable opinions or we’ll just vote our elected officials out of office. It’s really that simple. And that goes for Moore, Fagus, Schakowsky, Osterman, Hamos, Daley, and all of them. You wanna represent us? Then do it. We’re clearly a majority here and if you cross us you might as well start looking for a new job.

RP Dude said...

Rogerparker should consider switching to beer. Whatever he's drinking now is way too strong.

Paradise said...

Rogers Park should be grateful for the activists that helped derail this project.

Some posters in here can talk all they want about how anyone who is opposed to rampant highrise development and the fungus-like proliferation of cheesy cookie cutter condos, but denizens of other lakefront neighborhoods that are further along are NOT EXACTLY HAPPY with the course their neighborhoods have taken.

Nobody in Uptown loves the block on N. Winthrop where junky 8-unit condo buildings are lined up like military housing and look like some giant stood over the street with a giant cookie press in hand and just squeezed them out.

And nobody, ABSOLUTELY NOBODY in East Lakeview is happy with the hideous, concrete-bunker 8-story condo that just went up on Wellington, close to Broadway. When I lived in Lakeview, between 1987 and 1997, I heard many complaints about how the charm of the area was being destroyed by insensitive development, but nobody there thought to take the steps to control and direct it we have up here, and NOW THEY ARE SORRY. I know, because I have many old friends down that way, property owners who are in shock that a building like this could be approve and wondering how it got past them. This prison-like building is here to stay, permenantly wrecking the Wellington streetscape, which was one of the prettiest in the area.

Abel's building is actually beautiful, and I hope it is built elsewhere in this area, on any of the many eminently suitable sites in this area that are begging for a large and spectacular building. It would be interesting to see the plans for the original 12 story structure she had in mind at the outset, and maybe that will get built, on a suitable site.

Just because we want development doesn't mean we have to let ourselves be stampeded into accepting any kind of overscaled development, anywhere.

People in the Gold Coast-Old town axis wish like hell they had put some meaningful controls on developers before they got a dozen bland, faceless highrises big enough to have their own zip codes built on lots that used to contain small, old,charming buildings that made that area so desirable to begin with. Well, they didn't stop it, and now it's a little late to talk about how they wish they had handled it.

No matter how glad we are that the LPO has been in place for nearly 60 years, and kept our stretch of Sheridan Road from becoming another Edgewater Canyon, we will be still more grateful for this ordinance, and for the vigilance and activism of certain of our neighbors, in coming years, as this neighborhood becomes very valuable, which it will as people further south along the lake seek to escape to a greener, more peaceful urban neighborhood.

My congratulations and thanks to the neighborhood activists who helped defeat (at least for the time being) this proposal. Not everyone could have accomplished this.

Toto said...

Toto sez:

All you folk that complain about the so called "Edgewater Canyon" north of Hollywood suffer from short term memory loss.

You seem to forget that when these highrises were built (say 1965 thru 1980), was the period of highest white flight from the city. If it wasn't for these highrises, the entire northside probably would have become a ghetto. You only need to look at the Southshore community for comparison. The people living in these highrises stayed in the city and invested in the north side. Just imagine what Rogers Park would be like today if a significant amount of investment money had not stayed on the north side. Maybe Rogers Park would have been better off having a few more highrises too.

You are all so insular and smug about development with little reflection about the past. As for me, 8 unit condo buildings... Bring 'em on. More eyes on the street, more dollars in the stores.

I love the canyon. You folks think you can wish and dream Rogers Park into the second coming of Mayberry. Well wake up, it's the big city. And it can be dirty, and there's crime, and its crowded. But if I wanted to live in Mayberry, that's where I'd be. But I love the city, warts and all.

Rebecca Rouilly said...

Hey Roswell, maybe next time Connie can propose an "historic revision" of Ronchamp, except instead of a restaurant inside the roof, we could have some condor nests....

(poor old Courbusier, he did Ronchamp, and all anyone around here ever remembers him for are those sad misguided housing projects...)

Anne Sulli said...

Toto says: "You seem to forget that when these highrises were built (say 1965 thru 1980), was the period of highest white flight from the city. If it wasn't for these highrises, the entire northside probably would have become a ghetto."

Wow. All those white folks investing in their Sheridan Road highrises are what saved the people of Edgewater from the horror of living in a community of color then huh?

I KNEW there was another reason that I just LOVED that Lakefront Protection Ordinance!

gf said...

rp dude-

Oh - Jeff-O - but we did prove you wrong. We did shut this thing down. Your simplified reasoning that unabridged gentrification and development will occur here without community input is misguided. We are stakeholders here and we will be heard, considered, and respected for our valuable opinions or we’ll just vote our elected officials out of office. It’s really that simple. And that goes for Moore, Fagus, Schakowsky, Osterman, Hamos, Daley, and all of them. You wanna represent us? Then do it. We’re clearly a majority here and if you cross us you might as well start looking for a new job.

nicely said and my sentiments exactly. we ARE stakeholders here and we need to organize our efforts and become a voice that sends an unmistakeable message to leadership in the current election year.

Charlie Didrickson said...

annie said: Wow. All those white folks investing in their Sheridan Road highrises are what saved the people of Edgewater from the horror of living in a community of color then huh?

Care to explain? Demographics state that EdgeH20 is %50 white. It sure aint Mayberry.


jeff o said...

prove me wrong?
you guys just proved that you are fuck ups,
adelphi was what really mattered,
this was bullshit,
someone is going to break this silly covenant someday, due to population pressures,

yeah, the building will be just a few stories shorter, what a victory! yea!

that stakeholder stuff sounds gay,

i think anne sulli is missing the point, wherever white flight was the worst faired the worst, like detroit, this didnt happen quite so much in chicago, in part to the highrises that did go up,
chicago probably faired the best during the tumultuous sixties and seventies as far as urban decay from white flight, there was new construction that was quality during that time, sure not all of it is beautiful, but it kept people in the city,

and no one said that edgewater was lily white either, but there is a significant number of whites there,

i agree with toto, we seem to be dealing with a suburban mentality here, that is a tad overboard on the drama, i dont want the neigborhood destroyed either, but new construction is going to happen due to increased demand and population, and building tall buildings will acually save many low rise structures because you wont have to build as many new buildings to hold people, so this may backfire on yall,

the contingent is almost luddite in quality, modern design is what is done best at this time, people are pretty bad at faux historic shit,

i dont think there is much the deniznes of lakeview or goldcoast could do, i will have to check out this building on wellington you are referring to, it is the white one that is about 11 stories tall?
i dont recall it looking so bad, its just east of broadway right?

i was sad when they knocked down my old hull house however,

Anne Sulli said...

I wonder whose demographic data you used? I checked the 2000 US Census. Between Broadway and Sheridan/Rosemont and Hollywood there were 5,636 whites compared to 4,349 blacks. That's close to 50%, I guess.

But look at east of Sheridan from Devon to Hollywood: 3,963 white to 826 black. Or look just west of Broadway: 4229 white to 830 black. Outside of the Kenmore/Winthrop corridor--which is where much of the ever-dwindling numbers of Edgewater's poor live--the demographics look more like 80/20 to me. With the luxury condo boom moving thru Kenmore and Winthrop, it will be interesting to see what the 2010 numbers look like.

What Rogers Park needs is to retain its rental stock to maintain its diversity, both economic and racial. Luxury condos and highrises will tip the scales. Once that's gone, we'll never get it back.

Paradise said...

Jeff-o, the new ugly place on Wellington is just east of Broadway and maybe it has 11 stories. I thought it was 8, I never counted. I looked at the apts though, and they looked chintzy and cheap.

It's an eyesore-looks like a cookie cutter 1960s vintage medium-grade office building of the type other people are tearing down. Lakeview can sure do better than this ugly piece of garbage- it is not even really "modern"-buildings like this were built allover suburbia during the 60s. I'm surprised to see it, because Lakeview is sensitive about 'character', too. What really surprises me is that luxury buyers will pay so much for so little.

However, it isn't half as ugly as the new Bernardin apts downtown, where the rents average $6500 a month. You should see that place. It's on Wabash, and the architects tried to 'invoke tradition' by building a huge cookie cutter mod building, then putting historist-type "pasties" like SHUTTTERS for Chrissakes, on the side of the building. Shutters never belonged on high rise buildings-they never had any kind of function on a plate glass window, and on this building they aren't even paired with windows. Talk about 'historist revisionist trash'.I vote this horror the most heinous Aesthetic Crime of the past 40 years to be committed in a residential structure in Chicago, and I'm amazed that this thing made it through the review process. All I have to say is if they would let this thing through, they had better not get in the way of the Fordham Spire, the beautiful 115 story structure that Calatrava designed.

I like development perfectly well. It brings in new people and new money. People of course have a right to engage in it, like they do any other renumerative activity.Development is Good.

However, there is a certain trade off for living and developing and doing business in a crowded urban environment, which is that you consider your context, which is something you don't have to think about out in a remote area where nobody has to live next door to whatever you build, which is why you can go out there and build gold pyramids or have 8 junk cars parked in your yard.

All Abels was asked to do is consider her context. The argument was never about that ugly,oversized, uneconomical house that didn't belong there to begin with. I'm the last person in the world to cry over some ugly single family house. Abels, however, had plans drawn that she knew perfectly well were in violation of the LPO because she clearly expected special favors to be done for her.

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