Wednesday, November 5, 2008


"Hope" is here. So is "change." I feel it already.

I won't have to worry about buying gas or paying my mortgage anymore. My taxes are going down. I'll be able to give my workers free health insurance. Crime is going to decrease. Corruption will end. No more war. No more fighting. The troops are coming home. A chicken in every pot. Free, unlimited text messaging.

Life is good. Barack Obama is going to take care of everything. He promised. What do you say? Let's all hold hands and sing Kumbaya.


Craig Gernhardt said...

History repeating itself?

From the Civil War until the Depression, the Republican party was the dominant political party--it generally controlled the House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, and the Presidency.

In the elections of 1930, the Democrats took control of the House of Representatives, and after the 1936 elections they outnumbered the Republicans 331 to 89. Only once in the next fifty years did Republicans capture a majority in the House.

After the Republicans lost control of the Senate in 1932, they regained a majority in only six of the next fifty years.

In the same year of 1932, Franklin Roosevelt was overwhelmingly elected, defeating Herbert Hoover with a total of 22.8 million votes to 15.8 million.

Along with the change in dominant political party has come a change in what Americans expect from government.

Only a limited understanding of American politics is possible without understanding the effects of this period; the shadow of the Depression dominated American political life for decades. Source.

rogerspark60645 said...

"Free, unlimited text messaging." That's pretty funny!

Craig Gernhardt said...

I had a few people texting me last night from the rally with all their 'Yes We Can', 'Hope' and 'Change' stuff I shut my phone off.

Change the subject. Here's something interesting.

2 in 3 Chicagoans didn't even bother voting. Only half register.

Population: 2,836,658 (2007 -city only)

Registered voters: 1,497,292

Actual votes: 1,037,540

Rich Rostrom said...

Let's not sing Kumbaya; let's go outside and shoot guns in the air. I heard dozens of gunshots just after Obama's win was announced
(near Ridge and Howard). Doesn't it make you feel all warm inside to know that Obama's election has made the gangbangers really happy?


A nitpick: Republicans won both houses of Congress twice in 1933-1994: 1947-48, and 1953-54.

RP30 said...


Your hair color fits perfectly.

Good job.

RP30 said...

"Doesn't it make you feel all warm inside to know that Obama's election has made the gangbangers really happy?"

You mean like the same thing they do on NYE.

There is no shortage of idiots on this board.

presstoe said...

It's been one day and he's not even president yet. The post and comments sound racist, really.

Yeah John McCain and Sarah Palin would have done a great job. Don't kill unborn babies, but it's ok to shoot wolves to prevent them from killing the caribou, so we can shoot them too! Pro life!?

By the way, did anyone get shot by the "bullets" flying in the air. It sounded like fireworks to me, which can also injure people. No news on the police scanner!? No cars tipped over like when the Bulls won the championship? Hmmm... sports fans of all colors did that.

Live and let live. I'm proud to live in a country we call the melting pot with a president elect that represents that. Finally! I can't imagine the pride black Chicagoans are feeling right now, they deserve it. They were at the rally downtown, they voted. That is change already.

Mark said...

Please, Craig, sit by your police scanner, holed up in your apartment on the next Election Day. Leave the politics to the adults in the room. Thank you.

Craig Gernhardt said...

Please, Mark, keeping lurking on the 'Broken Heart' from your holed up apartment at 3:30 AM. Going outside at this time may only get you robbed or shot. Or both. Thank you.

Joe Important said...

Your math is a bit off. You are correct to assert that the population of Chicago is around 2.8 million, but you didn't adjust the number to reflect those that are actually eligible to vote. In other words, you have to deduct from the total population the number of residents under the age of 18 (around 728,000), then deduct the number of non citizens that are 18+ (around 435,120), then you have to further reduce the number to reflect convicted felons (approximately 30,000). By adjusting for these factors, you are looking at a pool of potential voters of around 1,601,880. Based on the number of votes cast (1,037,540) you are looking at a voter turnout of 64.7% assuming every eligible voter was registered.

Craig Gernhardt said...

Thank you, Joe Important. My bad. You're good.

DorothyParker007 said...

So eight more years of what we have is where you want to be? Why?

rogerspark60645 said...

rp30, it's Calirol's Autumn Mist.

Tom Mannis said...

First, rogerspark60645 looks fabulous. There, had tuh sayyit. Second: Craig, how dare you criticize the Messiah!?! I had a headache before he won, and the very next day my headache was - gone! I am healed! Obamessiah healed me, and he can heal you too. Just take a little sip of this Kool-Aid, here, it'll make you feel better....

newgarder said...

Hey rogerspark60645,
did you mean: Clairol's Autumn Mist

presstoe said...

Tom Mannis is a raging paranoid racist.

Just read his blog... but you can't leave any comments there.

"The Stench" is a hoot as well!

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