Sunday, December 23, 2012

Eldery lady died at Pratt beach

Around 11:10 a.m., December 23, 2012, an elderly female was pulled from Lake Michigan, in the 1000 block of west Pratt Avenue.  Fire, EMS and the Chicago Police were called to the scene. Confusion between dispatch and police on scene over the address was an issue. Police were calling the address of the lake death as 1000 West Pratt. Dispatch didn't recognize that address in their system and asked for a better one.

At this time it is unknown why an elderly lady in her 70's would even be in the waters of Lake Michigan in the first week of winter. Even Lake Michigan windsurfers aren't that dumb.

Something stinky is going on around here.


Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Not much of a story anywhere. How could it be accidental death?

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

If was really on the scene it shouldve been a better article. Funny how something so disturbing is written up as the most boring event of the year. Yes we want to protect someone's privacy but people also want to know, HOW in the hell did someone drown in Lake Michigan and why did the body wash ashore. And if you can't go in to that how about just writing a little paragraph about how many people died drowing in Lake Michigan this year? Or how many people washed ashore, etc?

It seems that many reporters or journalists are just bored stiff with their job and write extremely dry material. I thought being a journalist was fun and interesting. Many times its a crashing bore.

Maybe an investigation into the cause is being done. couldve just used a stock photo of the lake ala Evanston News for this small tiny tidbit of information and it wouldve had the same impact.

Craig Gernhardt said...

"The woman was identified as Rita Shcherbakova, of the 7400 block of West Rogers Avenue, according to the Cook County medical examiner's office.

Now, why was a 72 year old from the 7400 block of West Rogers wind up in the water at 1000 West Pratt?

This is strange.

Mr. Ingleright said...

Dog owners who frequent the beach have described an older Eastern European lady who enjoys winter swimming in that spot.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Autopsy is scheduled today per Nbc news.

Chip Bagg said...

"Polar Bear Club"!

Sammy Amato said...

Seems DNA is more interested in writing lengthy articles about Gidget and an Occupier, allegedly being homeless for a period of time. I suspect a lot of spin in that story. A homeless Loyola student. Yea, let me lead you to Hitler's bunker after you read that story. Ridiculous reporting and more enabling, which leads to nothing.

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