Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dog owner gets free pass for violating 7-12-030

Here we've got a clear case of a dog owner violating city of Chicago ordinance 7-12-030 in CAPS beat 2431 this morning - and not being ticketed while going for a cup of coffee at the Common Cup at Greenview and Morse.

This person tied a dog to a fence in broad daylight and left the dog unattended, just as I did a few days ago in the dark of night - and got a ticket for it.

A police officer was sitting in his super warm squad car, at the Family Dollar parking lot - let this one slide.

Why do I know this? Because I shop at Family Dollar and saw the officer wasting our tax-payer dollars - doing nothing about it.

I didn't shop at Family Dollar today because our great Chicago Officer was sitting in the squad car just waitiing to write me another ticket; had he/she pulled his/her head away from the newspaper to see Mr. Tie his dogs to a pole - while shopping on Morse Avenue. Even be it, Family Dollar.

These officers in CAPS Beat 2431 now have it out for me. It must be Commander's orders? I never got this treatment from Commander Rottner.

Or maybe, it's that CAPS beat 2431 facilitator, John Warner? Maybe he's got the clout to tell the commander to screw Craig. John doesn't like me and would love to stick it to me every chance he gets. This prick John has actually joined the Occupy Rogers Park movement on Facebook to denounce me for trying to get Gidget off Morse Avenue. The CAPS program is in the toilet - and it's people like John Warner are why it happened.

So, this dog owner got a free pass.

Otherwise the Chicago Police should've issued this person a ticket for violating the law, like they did me. I guess Mr. Pony-tail officer wasn't on duty at the time? Like a good blood-hound breed dog, he would've sniffed this one out. Or John Warner was asleep at the wheel and didn't call 911 on me.

Lucky the dog didn't break away, the guy walking on the street could've been attacked. You can just see by the photo how this dog was ready to bounce on him. This dog looked aggressive and dangerous.

Clearly there must be two sets of rules regarding this administrative ordinance violations. One for me, and then one for all other dog owners. Our Commander in District #24 must give out double event numbers and bonuses form ticketing Craig the blogger.

It's no wonder why 99% of the people on Everyblock dot com want to remain anonymous with their postings and comments.

They're cowardly affraid of being targeted by the police.


Craig Gernhardt said...

Officer B. and DC. Grow some real balls, buddy. Put your real name behind those tough-boy comments. You two must be John beat 2431 suck-ups.

Banned, asshats.

No wonder beat meetings are now combined and at the district office. So much for local policing. We got police officers on my website - reading instead of working the beat.

Dangerously unstable individual said...

The cops that patrol Sheridan are usually chit-chatting with each other like high school girls instead of chasing away aggressive panhandlers by the El. I cannot believe how fucking fat they are.
One guy was doing the water bottle thing and said he was "asking for a donation" and I told him I was going to donate my foot to his ass. He sized me up and thought better of it and took his ass back up to the train and left. Haven't seen him since.

Sammy Amato said...

So many other serious crimes to pay attention to on Morse avenue other than wasting time pulling people over for using cell phones or improper walking of dogs. Pathetic. Any news to share with the public Mr. beat facilitator? Any status on the recent violent crimes which have impacted the entire community? Time to think outside of the box to reduce crime in Rogers Park and throughout the city. We are becoming the laughing stock of the nation, if not the World. The former beat facilitator(s) were a lot different and managed to have a leg up on the current person covering Morse Avenue. That facilitator on Morse avenue beat will go online to "a land of kittens and rainbows" three hours later to report "confirmation of gunshots" after another blogger breaks the story. Hahahahaha. Keep on with the timely informative reports Craig.

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