Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gun shots or fireworks on Estes?

Around 6:57 p.m., 911 fielded a call regarding 4 to 5 "shots fired" at Estes and Greeview. Moments later another 911 caller reported "shots fired" at Sherwin and Sheridan. Both anonymously, of course.

Then, on Everyblock, all craziness broke loose. A net-neighbor heard shots at Howard and Sheridan. Man, these pj wearing neighbors have good ears.

Did these anonymous people actually see someone shooting a gun - or were they hearing things? 

Were these anonymous 911 callers willing to go outside and meet the police after they summoned them with the 911 call?

Is this just another case of the anonymous, closeted net-neighbor, who enjoys calling 911; then going on Everyblock to brag about it?

Next thing you know those clueless wacky folks at Everyblock are going to say Grill Inn is closed for good - and then other person is going to say it's open again and he's ordering from the counter as he speaks.

All in the same afternoon.

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Jen C said...

The Grill-Inn is not closed. Thank God, as it is pretty much one of the only joints to get a decent meal without being hassled too much by Gidget. The owner of the Grill-Inn won't tolerate panhandlers and drunks outside his business.

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