Monday, December 10, 2012

Police chase on North Shore

Chicago Police were chasing an alleged offender in the 1100 block of West North Shore this afternoon. Around 2:08 p.m. an officer radioed for back-up while hunting down the culprit. At one point they had the alleged offender cornered on the roof at 1122 West North Shore. Extra law enforcement officers were on the scene. A short time later another police officer spotted the potential offender exiting the building and running down the alley.

At 2:28 p.m. the police finally caught their man. No word on why the police officers were chasing the subject in the first place.


Philip McGregor Rogers said...


v. corned, corn·ing, corns
1. To cause to form hard particles; granulate.
2.a. To season and preserve with granulated salt.
b. To preserve (beef, for example) in brine.
3. To feed (animals) with corn or grain.

So they had seasoned and preserved him? and he got away before he got eaten. Im sure you meant cornered.
Gotta watch yourself with these cops who missed lunch.

"At one point they had the alleged offender corned on the roof at 1122 West North Shore."

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Chip Bagg said...

I am enjoying the image of fat po-po chasing anything other than a dropped donut. Did they squeal "oink oink oink" all the way home?

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