Thursday, January 10, 2013

Could Pritzker be sneaking around CPAN?

We got an interesting development here. Anyone remember the stink our community raised years ago regarding CPAN housing? For the newbie's out there, CPAN is short for Chicago Partnership for Affordable Neighborhoods.

For the gist of this is, our Alderman, Joe Moore, made a pledge to the community on any new development  -15% would be set aside for affordable housing.

After all, our neighborhood and its neighbor's want all to be welcome - both bloody rich and dirt poor.

Debates raged for years at many a community meeting, when Mary Jane Haggerty, Katy Hogan, Rose Green, Brian White, Michael Harrington and Fran Tobin would flood community development meetings with questions on "Where's the affordable housing?"

Now, how times have changed. Now we have the super mega-rich coming in and displacing the poor, no one bats an eye. A quickie meeting showing us sheeple some fancy Architectural drawings of pretty people walking around a pretty building, then hand out a few snacks, give us a bunch of smiles and handshakes, and then we're led out the door.

A few week's later, we see the wrecking ball in action.

The Farcorft was once an affordable place for people to live. Not anymore. It's high-end. Rumors are swirling this will all be condo, but others say it'll be rent. They have it marketed for Lease in the spring of 2013.

Now Mr. Pritzker is coming to the community to build a parking lot on Lakefront Protection Ordinance rules - and wants the communities approval.

In this case, he needs it.

It'd be tough to write some campaign contributions for a little hint/hint of possible influence on this one.

It's time we bring back a little "affordable housing" to the Farcroft - and Rogers Park in general. How about Alderman Joe Moore sticking to a pledge he made to the community?

If Mr. Pritzker wants to build parking spaces for his new Farcroft tenants, or potenial Farcroft condo owners - shall he choose the route down the road - how about he promise the community a 15% affordable set aside housing at the Farcroft in exchange.

Sounds fair to me.


Chip Bagg said...

"Affordable Housing" is "fair".
This is the vocabulary of the LEFT.
I do not accept the premise of this argument. It is political bullshit designed to keep a voter base in place to elect marxist polititians.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

However the Farcroft is supposed to "upscale" as its right on the lake. I agree with Chip Bagg on this one. I say no to affordable housing in the Farcroft. There is plenty of affordable housing in Rogers Park as is.

And there is something to letting the market decide. Alot of the suburbs are getting worse for a reason, they aren't fun places to live.

Stanley Katakowski said...

Holy god damned shit Bagg! It's a leftist conspiracy! Oh my god! Nobody thinks we need more affordable housing, but lets make it a Teabagger style rant, shall we? Tea Parties are for little girls, douche.

Mahmoud al-Zahar said...

Infidels and Jews rob all of us blind and make people like me and Craig have to live in shit holes and let people with money move into fancy places like Farcroft. We can not afford to put money into their pockets and they rob us until we bleed on the street.

Craig Gernhardt said...

I don't know about the Infidels and Jews, but I sure know James Pritzker is going to own Rogers Park pretty soon.

Just Wonderful said...

Don't forget Mr. Pritzker also owns the Cat's Craddle B&B and the Frank L. Wright home. A parking structure would be very good to own. That way you can hold large special events at either place and have parking too! Weddings, Corp. events etc.

Just Wonderful said...

Pritzker also owns the Cat's Craddle B&B and the Frank L. Wright house. A parking garage (that you own, steps away) would be great for special events, Corp. parties, weddings -- especailly when you have lots of parking.

Chip Bagg said...

Would one of you nanny-state liberals please change Stanley Katakowski's diaper. I do believe it is full.

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