Monday, January 7, 2013

Kimberly Bares leaving Rogers Park Business Alliance

I've bitched about her role in running one of our more street taxed services in the city, called SSA. I've cried fowl at how she was able to outmustle me with the powers-that-be. Gateway Mall. Morse Avenue. Howard Street. Hiding things from the public to see.

In short, I've raked her over the coals.

Oh, how times have changed. In years past I would've TMZ'd this story into something dishonorable. Now, I've got nothing but good to say about Kimbely Bares. I've gotten word Ms. Bares leaving a organization I use to call DevCorupt.

I, for one, am very sad to hear this breaking news.

BLOGNOTES: Over the years - I've actually grown to admire this lady. Now, I hear she's leaving her post. I'll have more on these developments as I try to track down our little Kimberly. That's unless Benji boy at DNAinfo beats me to it after reading my blog post.

Kimberly, you will be sorely missed. You are a remarkable lady. You done a great job dealing with asholes like me.

photo by T. Mannis


sean said...

I really don't see what poultry has to do with this.

Human Province said...

I don't see what poultry has to do with this.

Human Province said...

I don't really see what poultry has to do with this.

Craig Gernhardt said...

Here's a case of where one person is two.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Very funny. I guess this person what overanxious to get his/her quip posted.

NK said...

What happened to the original picture?

Craig Gernhardt said...

Scaled it back as to not get Kimbely all pissed at me.

T.Mannis said...

I have more photos of Kimberly and I am willing to sell them.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...



Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Hey T. Mannis lives!
Good to see you outside your blog.

Hope you dont mind my "reblogging" of your material and "blogvertising".

I keep my site balanced.
To the left Occupy RP and to the right Chicago News Bench.

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