Monday, January 7, 2013

West Rogers Park man who won the Lotto murdered

Urooj Khan courtesy Illinois Lottery
When Urooj Khan won $1 million dollars in July of 2012 after playing an Illinois Lottery scratch game called Cash Jackpot, he jumped two feet in the air. Then Khan went back to the 7-Eleven store where he bought the ticket in the 6800 block of North Western, giving the clerk $100.00 tip.

A day after he collected the lump sum of nearly $425,000 dollars, on July 20, 2012, Khan was found dead.

At first the death was reported as accidental, dying of natural causes. But something didn't sit well with a relative who asked for a further investigation.

Now authorities say Khan was poisoned with cyanide. The Cook County Medical Examiner Stephen Cina says Khan's body will be exhumed for a better investigation into his murder.

I wonder if the City of Chicago murder clearance numbers will be changed for 2012 to reflect this murder?


Philip McGregor Rogers said...

I heard murmurs of this today. Google news Lottery Murder and you will be surprised at how many news stories you get.

Craig Gernhardt said...

Yeah, I'm getting hits on my stat-counter from all over on this story. 600 plus so far. Poor Ho story got buried.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

if it bleeds it leads.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

my post got nada hits (10). totally buried. when a story gets to big no one will find your site.

double edged sword.

Mahmoud al-Zahar said...

Muslim brothers only read this to see how stupid christians are. Inshallah.

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