Monday, January 7, 2013

X marks the Ho

The building that once housed The Ho Tavern at 7318 North Rogers is now adorned with at least five red X's on the top, sides and doors of the building. From Rogers to Damen.

 Long considered a neighborhood blight, this building has now caught the attention of practically everyone who passes by. Its even caught the eye of the City of Chicago building inspectors, who, according to the city website, has a plethora of violations.

Some of the violations include an exposed roof rafters in the rear hallway, parapet leaning towards the building, east, south and north elevations with open mortar joints, east and south decaying bricks, damaged gutters on the north side, rear exit that's gated and padlocked, no exit signs in the front and rear, no carbon monoxide or smoke detectors, ceiling loose and missing tile, interior walls worn out, loose paint, exterior wall mortar washed out, floors missing tile and water leaks - to name a few.

On January 8, 2013, a case number 350508, lists the building is due for demolition. For some residents January 8th can't come soon enough.


Pepper said...

X does not indicate impending demolition. Its a warning to Fire responders to not enter in or on premises due to unsafe structure.

January 8--tomorrow-- is a hearing date, not a demo date.

All positive measures, but may still take some time before the MFer comes down.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

You beat me to it Craig. Bravo!
Will still have to get some pics of this anyways.

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