Friday, January 25, 2013

Side roads covered in ice and snow

Albion to Lakewood is covered in snow
It's a royal mess out there today. Most of the side streets haven't seen the plow trucks, making travel in car or bike extremely dangerous. Maybe it's some city official who thinks the 49th ward side streets aren't worth taking care of.

The main street bike lanes are just as nasty. Not to mention all my Rogers Parkers who haven't shoveled their sidewalks. Boo on that. Come on, neighbors, get off Everyblock dot com and do what you're required to do. Clean your walkway area.


Craig Gernhardt said...

Tax-payer money not at work. SSA #24 hasn't done Morse yet, either. I personally shoveled in front of Morse Gyros and Chuckie's.

Chip Bagg said...

There is not enough snow out there to waste our tax money. Little Rahmbo and Joe Moron will save it for themselves.

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