Wednesday, January 9, 2008

* Is She Serious? If So, Where's the Debates, Schakowsky?

This time around, Schakowsky has competition.

* John Nocita has been a real estate and trial defense attorney in private practice for 14 years. He has worked as a political consultant for, or supported, candidates such as Democratic Chicago 45th Ward Alderman Patrick Levar, and Democratic U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin. He says he knows he is a primary underdog but insists he has a chance.

John's professional and political experience include:
* 20 Years of Political Consulting.
* Trial Attorney, Member of the Illinois Bar Association.
* Insulators Local 17, SEIU Member.
* Board Member of the Italian-American Political Coalition.
* St. Thecla School Board Member.
* Youth Baseball, Wrestling, and Boxing Coach at local parks.
* Legal Clinic of the Disabled.
* Recipient of the "Award of Excellence in Youth Development" awarded by the Illinois Crime Commission.

He has a core group of campaigners, and has gone door to door in most areas of the district to talk to residents. Many of them have told him they want a change in representation.

"You have the left-wingers fighting the right-wingers and no meaningful legislation gets passed ... Many of these people promised an end to the war, and that didn't happen; promised to overhaul health care, and that didn't occur; promised solutions on immigration, and that didn't occur. I'm trying to get us back to the center," said Nocita.

"I take this seriously and will run a serious campaign," Jan Schakowsky said.
Source: STNG
Blognotes: Hey, Schakowsky! Show your constituents how serious you really are. That's unless, like YOUR Congress, you're just blowing smoke up ours rumps?

Let's see you have a couple head-to-head debates with this Nocita fellow.

* I'd like him to ask you where's our Morse Avenue Streetscape money you and Joe secured for us back in 2005.


Craig Gernhardt said...

Back in 2005, some Joe Moore shill named Michael C. said... "So now what you're saying, John and Craig that Jan Schakowsky is LYING on her Web site about all the funds she helped procure for projects in the federal transportation bill. Is that what you're saying?

Yes, that's what I said. It's now 2008. Do you see any Morse Avenue Streetscape project?

Craig Gernhardt said...

That's the beauty of this blog. I was able to keep track of the broken promise from start to finish.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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INKJAR said...


Fire Ron Guenther said...

is Robert Creamer, convicted felon, working on his wife's campaign?

Couch Captain said...
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Craig Gernhardt said...

Off topic. Start your own blog if you want to talk about that.

Craig Gernhardt said...

Anne, I got your message and will cover this issue for you soon enough.

my e-mail in the future is.

MadeInRogersPark said...

Ask Jan why she appears ani-war to many consituents but regularly appears for the phot ops at Rickover Naval Academy.
She appears to applaud military recruiting for minority students who are fortunate enough to be accepted at Rickover but she never asks them how they might feel after a stint in Iraq where they may lose an eye, arm, or leg.
She loves the power she receives while sitting in Congrees however I believe she votes on what is good for Jan and to hoot with her constituents!
At least now I have a choice!

strong survivor said...

Let's get her out of there. She has proven - just like the rest of them - the machine is the machine is the machine is the machine.... same old, same old again and again.

Hal Shipman said...

"Off topic. Start your own blog if you want to talk about that."

Are you kidding? You, who hijack comments threads right and left at Uptown Update and the BPN Board, actually give a damn about "off-topic" posts? Who would have thought...

madeinrogerspark: Anti-war is not the same as anti-military. As many faults as Jan has (and, add me to the "Thank God there's a choice" bandwagon), trying to paint her as a hypocrite on this point isn't valid.

JP Paulus said...

Crag, just so you know, you can add a + to your e-mail address, so you can see if spammers have caught it.

So i would put on your blog or comments -->

It won't affect your regular account, and nothing to add.

Depending on your e-mail, you might be able to filter it directly to a specific mailbox, so specific blog mail can be attended to, or spam can be be sent straight to trash, or at least ignored.

Couch Captain said...
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Craig Gernhardt said...

Okay, since you asked, it's deleted.

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