Sunday, August 10, 2014

UPDATE 2X: Person shot on Ridge

I'm getting word of a shooting in the 7400 block of North Ridge Avenue this Sunday afternoon. Scanner activity says they've got someone at St. Francis hospital and officers were looking for the detective's and evidence technician's to come on scene, as there are three shell casings in the alley.

A police shooting initiative has been ordered for Howard/Ridge/Touhy and Clark area.

UPDATE #1: First 911 call for a person shot at 7453 North Ridge came in at 1350 hours.

UPDATE #2:  "A man was shot in the arm in the 7400 block of North Hoyne Avenue about 1:50 p.m., said Chicago Police News Affairs Officer Thomas Sweeney. He "self transported'' to Presence Saint Francis Hospital in Evanston, said Sweeney, adding his condition was good." via Chicago Tribune

Friday, August 8, 2014

Bikes not safe at CTA bike barn

One biker is missing a lot of parts.
Six security camera's
can't foil the bike part thief.
Beware cyclists. If you park your bike at the CTA bike barn on the north-side of the Morse Avenue CTA Redline, there's a good chance it'll start losing bike parts like this poor cyclist in the photo above did. And this isn't the first bike to lose parts. Other's before this have had the same experience happen to them.

This crime happens even as there are six security camera's that monitor the bike barn and CTA Lunt entrance/exit. Not to mention a not-so security fence that enables the bike thief to operate with extra cover.

It's no wonder this bike barn is so underutilized. It's just not safe. There's no one who monitor's the area. Just this past week someone kidnapped the $4000.00 Big Belly solar-paneled waste receptacle. It's still missing.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Missing Big Belly

At the Southwest corner of Lunt Avenue and Glenwood a solar-paneled City of Chicago garbage can
named Big Belly once rested, but now it's gone missing. This was the only waste receptacle on the northern exit of the Morse Avenue CTA Redline. A public transportation hub that many residents use daily. 

The commuters also heavily use Big Belly. So much, that many times it's so full, it overflows. Sadly, the Lunt exit to the CTA doesn't get nearly the attention the south exit gets. On the south end there are upwards nearly a half dozen garbage cans, including three Big Belly's.

Three theories are floating around.

1) Did Big Belly get kidnapped and will mysteriously show up at my front door, whereas the Alderman can claim I stole it? It's an election year and we can't put any dirty trick past him.

2) Did it break and need to go in for repairs? If so, why didn't they offer a replacement in the mean time.


3) Did the City of Chicago, the CTA, and SSA #24 just get sick and tired of always having to pick up the endless amounts of garbage that overflowed out of Big Belly's lid on a daily basis? 

My theory is #3.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: 49th Ward Clout in Action

Clout in action
Either you got clout or you don't. Seems the condo owners at 1309 West Lunt have plenty of clout.

Last week (7/30/2014) a City of Chicago dump truck delivered a pile of wood chips to that residence for the condo owners to use as landscaping.

While getting free wood chips is perfectly legal and the City of Chicago has a page on their website explaining how to obtain the wood chips, the city does not personally deliver wood chips to your front door with a city owned dump-truck and tax-payer manpower.

The website explains you must pick the wood chips up at one of the various locations, during certain hours.

That's where clout comes in. See, the person who resides at 1309 West Lunt works for Alderman Joe Moore in his office. The residents name is Ann Hinterman. My source tells me she had the pile of wood chips delivered to her condo by the City of Chicago work crew.

They even put up orange "Do Not Park" signs to accommodate the free delivery.

The condo used the wood chips they needed, but the City of Chicago work crew dropped off more wood chips than were needed for the clouted residents.

What's left is a big pile of wood chips left in the public parkway. Neighbors are left to wonder when the clouted resident is going to have the rest of the pile of wood chips that weren't used - removed.

Most likely by a City of Chicago equipment. Using City of Chicago tax-payer funded manpower.

That's how clout works.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Shots fired on "National Night Out"

We're getting word of shots fired north of Howard this evening during "National Night Out.
Kyros C. reports. "At 6:35pm, police on patrol reported many shots fired north of Willie White Park. The shots were apparently fired in the vicinity of 1638 W. Jonquil. Witnesses report that the shooters fled south-bound on Marshfield in a white four-door Impala with tinted windows."
BLOGNOTES: There still is no official word of the shots being fired, which happened right across the street from Gale School and a half block where Keno Glass was gunned down April 15, 2014.

Morse Streetscape bricks sinking

Watch your step in the 1300 block of West Morse Avenue
We've got an ankle breaker here. A portion of bricks that were laid for the Morse Avenue Streetscape in 2011, in the 1300 block of West Morse Avenue, are collapsing into the ground.

People walking along the sidewalk have tripped in the hole. I've seen one lady fall because of the hole. Surprisingly, no one has been injured. It's been this way nearly a year now.

You'd think a major city project that is less than 5 years old should hold up better than it has - you'd be mistaken. You'd think someone with authority would've noticed - and had the brick sinkhole fixed in a timely fashion - you'd be mistaken. I've personally seen Alderman Moore walk right by this sidewalk sinkhole. Clueless that he is, he didn't even take note. So much for him knowing the Ward like the back of his hand, as he claims.

Not until someone really gets injured and sues the city will anything like repairing the problem happen.

That's the Rogers Park Way.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Evanston Police looking for missing girl

Someone has placed a few "missing' fliers on Morse Avenue for a 15 year old girl named Allishanna Harris from Evanston. The poster says she has a congnitive disability.

If you have any information on this missing teen please call the Evanston Police Dept. at 847-866-5000.

Two more arrested in the murder of Wil Lewis: Other murders remain unsolved

Denzel Burke and Michael Phillips were arrested in Racine County Wisconsin last week for the broad daylight murder of Wil Lewis less that a month ago at Devon and Glenwood.

Lewis was innocently waiting for a bus when Eric Vaughn gave one of the teen's a gun and told him to "Wet that t-shirt up!" Meaning bloody it up.

WGN News story here.

Other Rogers Park murders in the last 12 months:
Elliot Fraizier, son of Alderman Joe Moore (49th ward) aide, murdered in Rogers Park. Unsolved.
Blake Lamb, murdered in broad daylight in Rogers Park. Unsolved.
Anthony Price, murdered in Rogers Park. Unsolved.
Mark Villanueva, murdered in Rogers Park. Unsolved.
Markeyo Carr, murdered in broad daylight in Rogers Park. Alderman Joe Moore saw video and called the murder "chilling." Unsolved.
Michael Tingling, murdered in Rogers Park. Suspect in jail awaiting trial.
Darnall Gorden, murdered in Rogers Park. Unsolved.
Keno Glass, murdered in Rogers Park. Unsolved.
Alante Vallejo, murdered in broad daylight in Rogers Park. Unsolved.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Truck smashes sculpture on Sheridan Road

Crushed artwork
Damaged Cars
Overnight a truck side-swiped a couple of cars on North Sheridan Road, near Lunt. After the truck hit the cars it then ran over the sculpture in front of Sonny Food Mart at 7001 North Sheridan before coming to a stop.

According to a twitter post by Sam Wise, the driver bolted, but was apprehended.

This isn't the first accident on this corner. Earlier this year a car ran over the traffic box and smashed a bike. No one was injured in either crash.

"Cook fight" at JB Alberto's Pizza

Friday night at JB's Pizza is always busy. Lot's of pizza's being cooked and delivered. But last Friday night things got a little bit out of hand. At least 6 squad cars quickly arrived on scene, along with a few bike police.

I asked one of the drivers what happened and he replied, "Cook fight."

One person was questioned in the back of the parking lot and one got hauled away in an ambulance, with a squad car following behind with their flashers on.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Cobbler's Shoe Repair closed for good

Shoe repair is one of those lost in time services few use in our throw-away society. It's so much easier to buy a new pair of shoes, as to having the old pair fixed up.

Yet, there are those who still find that old pair of shoes worth saving, and take them in for repairs.

Unfortunately Rogers Park lost one of it's cobbler shops last year when John Geroulis fell ill and couldn't work the shop. Neighbor's constantly stop by the Morse Avenue shop and poke their heads in the window, looking to see if John was open.

All walk away disappointed.

This past month marked a point where the landlord, Peter Kostopoulos, has finally decided to get all the shoe fixing equipment out of the space. John's - and his father's legacy - will be packed up and either stored - or sold, according to my source. See, even before John got sick, he owed the landlord some serious dollars in back rent.

The cobbler has been on Morse Avenue since 1921, so there's a lot of rich history in shoe repair equipment. From what I've been told, Morse Market is expanding and this space is needed for that purpose. I'm guessing selling John's stuff will ease some of the back rent pain, too.

Male shot on Damen

Gang tag on the building at 7381 North Damen Avenue
A male was shot in the leg this morning in the 7300 block of North Damen Avenue around 1:30 a.m., when someone in a dark colored minivan got out and shot the man while he was on the sidewalk. One neighbor on Everyblock said she heard up to 15 shots.

Dennis Fritz said on Facebook. "This woke me up last night. I swear, there must have been about 10 or 12 shots fired in all. The guy is lucky he only got wounded."

At this time it is unknown if this is a gang-related shooting or just a random act of violence.  The 40 year old man was taken to St. Frances Hospital where he is listed in stable condition, according to police. No one is in custody and police are investigating.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rollands on Clark closed

photo courtesy Yelp
Rollands Restaurant, 7545 North Clark, formerly known as Hop Haus, a spinoff to Leona's Pizza, has shut its door's, according to some Yelper's.

On July 27th Cassandra said: "Love this place but went to eat Saturday night and the place was dark at 8:30?"

On July 28th MM said: "Had some great burgers and a carrot slaw last time,  but went back Saturday night, around 8PM and.....uh oh……………..Closed."

On July 28th Mary said: "I just attempted to dine at Rollands at 6:30 on a Friday and it was closed?"

A July 28th entry on Rollands Facebook page Dennis Fritz wrote: "What's going on? I stopped by last Friday just after six, and the place was closed! No sign on the door explaining why or anything. Is this another one of RP's notorious stealth restaurant closures?"
Even the Everyblockheads voiced concern. Kyros C. said: "Unfortunately, it appears that Rolland's has closed. A neighboring business said that their last night of operation was Thursday, the 24th. No word about the future plans for this location."

Jim A. said: "I was just over that way a few minutes ago and checked. The doors are locked. That stinks."

BLOGNOTES: Stinks, indeed. According to campaign finance records, the Citizen's for Joe Moore do a lot of campaigning for Alderman there. In just two campaign stops over the last three months, Alderman Moore has spent $1,900.00 dollars.

Crane over Sheridan

It's a monster of a crane. So monstrous, that when the work is finished for the day, the crane is in a resting position over Sheridan Road, where the end of the crane reaches the lobby of the Super 8 Motel across the street.

Yeah - all the way - on the other side of Sheridan road.

It's that big.
Crane reaches across Sheridan Road
to the lobby door of the Super 8 Motel

From the get-go,this "Pritzker Car Tower" project has been thorn in the neighbors side.

From the process of public meetings, where neighbors complained.

To the tearing down of a house, where the neighbors complained.

To the beginning of constrution, where the neighbors complained.

It's pretty simple. Neighbors aren't happy.

Seems the only happy people are Alderman Joe Moore, who has accepted butt-loads of campaign contributions from Republican Jennifer Pritzker, who is building the Car Tower as her legacy project. And Jennifer Pritzker, who has found a soul-mate in Alderman Moore, who's willing to forgo what the public thinks and grant Ms. Pritzker her every wish.

Money does that to people.

Alderman Moore raising piles of money

Running for Alderman of the 49th Ward cost money. Lot's of money. Since challenger Don Gordon announced he'd run against the incumbent in the 2015 election, our 49th Ward Alderman has been on a tear - collecting campaign contributions from major real estate and corporate donors at an alarming rate.

The Alderman has raised a little over $115, 000.00 in the last 9 months. On July 25, 2014, the Alderman raised $4,500.00 in one day. To show how out of touch the Alderman is, most Rogers Parkers don't make $4,500 in one month.

Alderman Moore has spent over $103,000.00 campaigning for the 49th Ward Aldermanic position in that same 9 month period.

When's the last time you spent $103,000.00 dollars in just 9 months?

In 2007 the Alderman spent nearly $1 million dollars to retain his seat in city council. 2015 may top the million dollar mark.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Bring back the Outdoor Roll Call

The outdoor roll call. It's where the officers start their shift on a street corner where bad juju has been going down. Like a gang occupied territory, a shooting, murder. No major studies have proven they stop crime altogether, but they give the resident's a sense of security.

And, it puts the fear of arrest by the police if the gangbangers act like wise-guys anywhere near the Police outdoor roll call.

 It's a symbolic statement saying - "We own this area, not you."

Outdoor roll calls were used by past commander's in the 24th District, and are used in other neighborhood's where crime and mayhem are prevalent. Some tonier neighborhoods such as Lincoln Park use them for simple things like purse snatchings.

It's time to bring back a few of these outdoor roll calls and give the citizen's a sense of protection by our Chicago Police Department. After the last few months, we need it.

(photos by Craig Gernhardt)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The most dangerous gang in Rogers Park

The PBG's, or the Pooh Bear Gang. A fraction of the splintered Gangster Disciples. Once known as the Insane Cutthroat Gangsters. Always recruiting. Around 15-to 20 members, at best.

Part-time gig. Gun-rap.

At war with the LOC's, and anyone who disses their brand of music. Collateral damage doesn't concern them. They're willing to die for their cause.

They represent CAPS Beat 2431. Currently trying to reestablish their grip on Morse and Wayne.

Warning: Day or night, there's a good chance bullets will fly if they're hanging around your street corner.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

UPDATE: Person shot on Clark Street

Police have Clark Street closed
Around 1:25 p.m., Saturday afternoon, a young male was shot in the 6800 block of North Clark Street, just a block from where Markeyo Carr was gunned down in broad daylight earlier in the year. Police have Clark Street totally blocked from Pratt to Morse. (6800 N to 6950 N)

This was also right in front of the Chicago Public Library where some of the Rogers Park Baby Wrangler's group were meeting. A notice went out on Facebook. Parents were scared to go outside. The library was full of kids.

Evidence markers are spotted in the intersection of Farwell and Clark, along with a black car with Wisconsin plates. Witnesses say the person hit was walking along side Keith "Bang da Hitta" Hayer.
Crime scene with evidence markers

Bang was not hit.

The person is not seriously wounded and was transported to St. Frances Hospital in Evanston. Police are investigating.

UPDATE #1: "24-year-old man was shot in the 1700 block of West Farwell Avenue about 1:30 p.m., said Police News Affairs Officer Thomas Sweeney.
The man was shot in the left calf and his condition had been stabilized at Presence St. Francis Hospital in Evanston, Sweeney said." Source:  Chicago Tribune

UPDATE #2: Alderman Moore's statement on Everyblock. "I just got off the phone with Commander Waldera. The victim allegedly is a known gang member affiliated with the ICG gang. He suffered a minor graze wound to the calf of his leg and will survive. The victim was walking with an alleged leader of the ICG gang whenhe was shot by someone in a passing car. The shooting took place on Farwell immediately west of Clark.
The Commander has deployed additional resources to the immediate area including members of the CPD's Gang Crimes Unit."
Statement from Aldermanic Candidate Don Gordon:  "There needs to be a short and long term strategy to rid the community of the gangs and to deny these gangs access to recruiting kids from our schools. In the next coming weeks I'm going to be posting on my new web site a strategy to do just that. Our alderman has had 24 years to work with numerous commanders in our district and has failed miserably in providing the support and leadership needed to help our police stem the tide of gang infiltration into Rogers Park. I believe we deserve a lot better than what this alderman has done over the years."

Friday, July 25, 2014

UPDATE: Man with gun steals purse on Wayne

For my Edgewater readers. An alleged armed robber held a woman up at gun-point this morning around 10:55 a.m., on the usually quiet tree-lined block of 6200 North Wayne. The response to this broad daylight attack on one Edgewater resident drew well over a dozen officers and squad cars from all directions.

The description and direction of the offender is unknown. Three men having lunch from the yellow box truck in the background didn't see a thing. The contents of the purse remain unknown as of this report.

UPDATE - 2:00 P.M:  Good guys 1, bad guy goes to jail. The Edgewater purse snatcher has been captured and the weapon recovered. 

Is Alderman Moore fudging the numbers?

Alderman Joe Moore is wasting his valuable time stroking the Everyblockheads this morning with more head-games. He's going on record as to actually counting the number of positive and negative responses to his Facebook and Everyblock post - plus his private campaign tool email blast on the Jarvis Beach name change. 
I'll let you read the whole line of bullshit yourself if you don't read Everyblock.
Said our Ruler. "I'm not going to make a final recommendation to the Park District Board for a few more weeks, but based on replies to my email blast and Facebook posts, those who cared enough about this issue to write are weighing in heavily in favor of the name change. Here's the latest tally as of 8:00 a.m.:

Replies to my email blast...
Support changing name: 79
Oppose changing name: 21
No opinion: 8
My official Facebook post
Support changing name: 12
Oppose changing name: 7
No opinion: 5
My Rogers Park Neighborhood News Facebook post
Support changing name: 5
Oppose changing name: 2
No opinion: 3
The Facebook posts and accompanying comments,, of course, are available for everyone to see. If anyone wishes to look at the emails my office has received, you are free to do so. Just make an appointment with my office in advance.
I haven't conducted a final tally of the EveryBlock comments simply because the easy ability for individuals to use multiple screen names makes an accurate count much more difficult. Nonetheless, I acknowledge opinion on EveryBlock is more evenly divided and probably slightly tilted against the name change. I appreciate some of the thoughtful comments offered on this site by those opposed to the name change and will take them under consideration when I decide on my final recommendation.
BLOGNOTES: So, there you have it. At one point earlier in the year Alderman Moore called Everyblockheads, "Real people, real opinions."  Now he says individuals use multiple accounts and make up phony names.
He also doesn't mention he too heavily censors his Facebook page and blocks users.
Here's a classic example of Alderman Moore not listening to the people and doing whatever the hell he wants. 

Be damned - you lowly peasants. Alderman Moore rules this ward.

Shots fired or fireworks? The 2014 version

Since the beginning of Everyblock, net-neighbors have gone online to announce to their fellow Everyblockheads, of not knowing the difference between "shots fired" and "fireworks."

Here's one.

Here's another in 2012.

Here's another one.

And another.

Point being. Are these Everyblockheads just bored - with nothing better to do all day than argue with each other, if the sound they thought they heard was "shots fired" or "fireworks?"

It's an endless display of human stupidity in action.

Maybe if these numb-nut anonymous people would get out in the real world and actually hear a gun-shot, or hear some fireworks, maybe even hear the sound of a whizzing bullets fly by them, then they wouldn't be so trigger happy on their keyboard arguing the sounds of life in Rogers Park.

But then, that would require dodging bullets, too.  Maybe it's safer hiding in the basement asking questions about the sounds going on outside.

Maybe these anonymous Everyblockers just don't feel safe on the 49th Ward streets?

UPDATE - Jarvis Beach renaming unpopular idea

Alderman Joe Moore reached out yesterday to the online community seeking approval to rename Jarvis Beach to honor an Australian, Marion Mahony Griffin. As for this posting the results are not in favor of this action. Even his staunchest supporters question this action.

The online community overwhelmingly seem to think this is a issue that doesn't even deserve the time a day, much lass wasting tax-payer money and Aldermanic time.
In the comments section of DNAinfo story Michael Harrington said, "Is this REALLY a priority issue in my Rogers Park neighborhood right now? Um, didn't someone get shot to death in broad daylight on Devon Avenue a week ago, and didn't someone else get shot on Winthrop Avenue over the weekend? Are neighbors enjoying nightlife on Morse Avenue but still dodging bullets? Isn't there yet another charter school being proposed to steal public funds and student talent from our local public schools? The potholes to-be-filled list still has potholes-to-be filled, right? For this beach renaming idea..."
1. Do not devote one millisecond of aldermanic or city staff time.
2. Do not waste one drop of city ink or piece of city paper.
3. Do not spark up one electron on city phone calling or email messaging.
Please, demand our government officials only pursue this project AFTER, AFTER, and AFTER they've tackled the real needs and problems that plague our community.
Seems this is nothing more than a smoke-and-mirrors election year campaign issue that the Alderman wants the online community to talk about - instead of the rash of other real issues Mr. Harrington raised in his comment.

So far, the public isn't buying his act. We'll just have to wait and see if the Alderman is listening to his constituents, or will overrule them and go ahead with his plan anyway.

UPDATE #1: The Alderman seems to be backtracking a bit with all the negative responses to his renaming request. Here's his most recent response to his ill-fated attempt at derailing conversations of greater proportions.
"Keep in mind the ultimate decision making authority rests with the Park District Board of Directors, not me. They simply asked for my opinion and I reserved offering that opinion until I took the pulse of the neighborhood, something I'm not required to do, but is part of my practice and philosophy of governing..."
Now it's all the Park Districts decision. Talk about passing the buck.

UPDATE #2: Loyal internet followers of Alderman Moore are revolting to the name change in massive numbers. 169 comments on Everyblock in less than 30 hours. The Alderman has gone on the attack with sarcasm about conspiracies.

Neighbor Drew responds:
 "Alderman Moore, if most people, some of your strongest supporters here on EveryBlock, oppose the name change, then your question has been answered. Big NO. Thank you."

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tapping into the Red Light Cam

Some guy in a rental truck was tapped into the Red Light Camera today at Devon and Sheridan. He wouldn't respond to a request as to why he was hooked up and monitoring the system.

Was this just a random check or was he adjusting the system to give out more Red Light tickets at this corner?

Four corners for Peace & Free Speech BBQ tonight

One measly flier posted on a light pole near the most recent "shots fired" on Morse Avenue appeared this morning promoting a "Peace and Free Speech" Potluck BBQ and Open Mic. An unknown group asks you to join them as they gather to celebrate the spirit of a "inclusive community." Whatever the hell that means.

Sorry for the short notice, the event will be held tonight at Farwell and Ashland at 5 p.m. Remember, it's "Pot Luck." Don't forget to bring something to eat.

UPDATE: I've found a couple of more fliers on Morse Avenue. These should really help draw more people to the event.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Nerves frayed as bullets whiz by on Morse Avenue

It was written on the wall. After the plethora of shootings and murders lately, more shootings were on the way. You just knew more was to come. Shit was going to hit the fan.

Problem is, the game didn't go as planned. A bunch of shots were fires, but no one got hit.
Bullet skims Chuckies beer garden chair


See, our numb-nuts gangbangers can't even shoot straight. 
Police investigate shots fired on Morse

Thank god. 

My friend was a foot away. One  of my clients just walked in to his business after sitting in a chair a foot away.

Bullet laying on Chuckies beer garden
Yeah, it was that close. 

I was by the Morse El. I covered. 

Customers at GrillInn were ducking for cover. Even gun-toting military man Eddie Ishoo, owner of Grillinn, couldn't protect us.

Same for Soo Liquors workers - and Los Portellos.

We all were just looking not to get hit. We're just schumk workers trying to make a fucking living in the Hellhole ruled by Alderman Joe Moore.
Police mark evidence in shooting on Morse while customers look on
BLOGNOTES: As much as I give him a hard time, I'd like to thank CAPS 2431 Beat facilitator John Warner for arriving on scene and offering words of compassion to those who were rattled by the gunfire. This is the third time this week he's done this.

Monday, July 21, 2014

UPDATE: Sinkhole work halted on Lunt - City still tickets cars

Minivan fell into sinkhole
7/11 to 7/18
It's July 21, 2014. A sinkhole project that's been going on for a week now in the 1200 block of West Lunt, still hasn't been completed.

Although, by the white "No Parking" sign indicates, it should've been finished on the 18th.

So far this sinkhole and work revolving around the sinkhole has claimed a minivan, had a tow truck driver rip the bumper off a car and a few hundred dollars in parking revenue for a few residents.
Instant revenue generation

What hasn't happened is work being done, other than cutting a big hole and putting tape around the hole. Oh, and cleaning out the pockets of the poor saps who need a place to park.

Tow truck wrecks car
Here's how the sinkhole started

UPDATE: The Lunt sinkhole work has been completed. The cement is curing and the barricades should be removed today?

UPDATE - Pothole work halted on Morse Avenue

Look out for the bus
Rogers Park has no shortage of potholes. This we can all agree. What we're running short of is getting them filled in a timely fashion. Some are a quick fix with a patch job here and there. Other's need more. Much more.

No Parking 7/7 to 7/11
Take this huge hole at 1225 West Morse Avenue. CIty of Chicago workers came out and clearly saw it needed more than a batch. So, they lined the street with signs indicating "No Parking" while the job was to be fixed.

While no work goes on, the city collects cash from you when you park your car in the White Sign Zone.

Buses have to merge to the oncoming traffic lane. In short, it's nothing short of dangerous.

Yet, as the white "No Parking" sign says, work should be done 7/11.

I guess they mean 7/11/2015.

UPDATE-7/24/14: Hole filled. Barricades should be removed soon.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Alderman Joe Moore: "Ruler" of the 49th Ward

No democracy here, folks. Alderman Joe Moore no longer sees himself as a public servant to the 57,000 residents of the 49th Ward, but as a "ruler."
Alderman Moore said on his Facebook page today. "I attended the Eyes on the Future Childcare Center's 20th anniversary celebration today and had the honor and privilege of meeting His Royal Highness Oba Babatunde Ola Ogunala, ruler of the Odo-noforija Kingdom in Nigeria. He tells me he oversees 700,000 people, which far surpasses the 57,000 I oversee in the 49th Ward!"
BLOGNOTES: Eyes on the Future gave $5000.00 to the Citizen's for Joe Moore campaign on June 4, 2014. They have a Charter School on Ravenswood.

His Royal Highness knows how Chicago works. You want to play, you got to pay.

MONDAY UPDATE: The "Ruler" rules. This post was removed from Everyblock.

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