Wednesday, March 19, 2008

* Where's Elmo Been? (Update)

You've gotta have a certain amount of credentials to get involved in a funeral fight. That's why I figured our very own Rogers Parker named Elmo had to have some background training. Elmo, AKA Steve Hatfield has a long track record. I counted 17 crimes he got caught red-handed committing - with 11 total convictions. Let's start from what I see as the beginning.
* December 1989, Elmo got a couple years for theft and aggravated battery. Elmo ripped someone off and caused bodily harm to the poor sap. 1 year - 6 months in jail.

* 1993, Hatfield was at it again. Same MO. Did two crimes, got three years behind bars.

* 1995, arrested again. Got a year in the slammer.

* 1996, Elmo was arrested and convicted - and put in the big house.

* 1997. You guessed it. Elmo got out and went back in shortly thereafter.

* 1998. Got out, did a crime - and went back in the cage.

* 1999. Same story, different year.

* The new millennium, 2000. Nothing changes for Elmo Hatfield. Does crime, gets convicted. Does not pass go. Does not collect $200 dollars.

* In 2001, Hatfield got 6 years. He was out in five.

* In 2005, Hatfield got 3 years. He was out in one.

* In October 2006, Hatfield got caught again. Got convicted for 18 months.

* In May of 2007, Hatfield was somehow out on the streets and got popped again. Got convicted, again. This time, 30 months.
So, how did Steve Hatfield, AKA, Elmo get out in mid-February 2008, when he was to be serving 30 months? The same way he got out all the other 10 times. Good behavior, I guess? And why did 'Elmo' pick Rogers Park to hang his hat?

Blognotes: Alderman Rainey reports on her community information board; an officer suffered a broken leg in the [funeral fight] melee.

Update: Aderman Ann Rainey said...> "From today's daily bulletin. This is one of the guys arrested on Saturday at the funeral brawl. He was arrested Saturday while on parole for drugs and mob action. Now less than 72 hours later:"

Hatfield, Elmo Steve Jr. - Age 39, 7661 N. Sheridan Rd., Chicago arrested at 1910 Dempster (Dominick's), on 3/18/08 at 142 hrs for Retail Theft, (trial date TBA), by Officer's Hicks & Decicco. 08-08311.


Levois said...

This man must have had it good in the pen. Even worse he must love the lax atmosphere in RP.

Craig Gernhardt said...



Information provided by IDOC.

Anonymous said...

It's Called; "career criminal". They need to lock his has up for good this time. This really makes no since to me why they put these people back on the streets when they are just going to do the same thing. I know what you are going to say "over crowded jails and prisons". I really don't give a shit. Cram all of these jack-asses in one tiny ass jail cell anl let them rot!

I live here too said...

Oh come on people. Obviously this poor sole must not have been provided any of the benefits of living in our society. The Man is against him. He didn't have a good home life. Didn't know his father. His mama had drug/alcohol problems. He is misunderstood. The school's failed him. There is not enough affordable housing. His landlord is a slumlord. It's whiteys fault. Its Craig's fault, or the police's, or the prison's. Society just wants to sweep him under the rug, lock him up, etc, etc, etc. Where were the social outreach programs to help him? There are no jobs. Our oil starved, and housing bubble economy simply overwhelmed his ability to deal with life. It's your fault, yes yours.
How many people has he harmed in his life? How many more will he harm? This guy makes a perfect example of why thug life flourishes in our pathetic, hold no responsibility to a perpetrator, society. There are no real consequences to a thug. They are comfortable in the "system". Hell, when they get entangled, as they inevitably do, it's their chance at the lottery. Being thugs they have nothing to lose, they can easily provoke the police to overreact, and then it is pretty easy to cry "victim"/police brutality, and collect big money. Heaven forbid that "prior bad acts" be taken into account with whatever the current transgression is. That could bias people against him.
How many of societies resources have been squandered on him I wonder? How many baby mommas does he have? How many children has he sired?
I say what the F@ck happened to 3 strikes? I wish we could shoot pieces of crap like him between the eyes and drop them like the diseased pieces of Sh!t that they are. Remove his burden to society! Remove him from the gene pool.
Once you or a loved one, heaven forbid, is a victim of a violent crime by the likes of this guy, you too might re-assess any bleeding heart uber liberal foolishness you may currently espouse. Being victimized has a way of changing you.

Levois said...

I'm not so sure if I want to rent to his alchoholic mother. Give me a hardworking single mom anyday if I got housing it's her's!

Of course I know nothing about this man's background save for his rapsheet.

Dr O said...

Does anyone know what the fight was actually about? Gang related?

Mark Fletcher said...

Why isnt Joe Moore more proactive like Ann Rainey?

Bosworth said...

Mark, for Joe Moore to be proactive like Ann would mean he would have to admit there is crime in this ward. All we ever hear from Joe is how crime is down....but as you know and read in the paper...crime in the 49th ward is not down.

The North Coast said...

Elmo is doing Life On The Installment Plan.

The American justice system is the most egregious joke, replete with laughably light sentances and completely illogical laws.

Worse, we focus on people's relatively harmless "bad habits" while giving them passes for really vile crimes.

In other countries with more rational justice systems, people don't notice a politician's personal life but they will send someone to a real pisshole of a prison for a long, long time for one-fifth this guy's crimes.

Here, we go to pieces over sex and cigarettes while literallly letting people get away with murder.

Robin said...

Craig, I haven't had the scanner on long tonight. Do you have any idea why the rapids in 24 would need to have their helmets in their cars, 'just in case'?

Big Daddy said...

Just in case those leftists that are marching downtown get crazy.

billyjoe said...

People "decry" the criminal justice system, but it's already way too overcrowed with guys worse than Elmo,which is why the guy does jail time for his various infractions over the years, then gets out.

The overcrowded, hyper criminal atmosphere of today's average correctional facility also means little is done to change Elmo's behavior while he is incarcerated.

The only way to avoid guys like him is to not live in shithole areas like East Rogers Park, whose cheap rents and high density rental buildings attract guys like Elmo and many more like him.

Remember folks . . . .the coming warmer weather means the gangbanging, hanging out, and gooning season will soon begin anew!

I also hope my remarks start a new thread of people defending RP and calling it (snicker snicker) a "great place" to live.

Morse Ave Group said...

BillyJ--and where do you live? Sounds like not RP. What are you some kind of lonely loser--Nothin better to do?

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