Tuesday, September 2, 2008

* Joe Moore Campaign Contributor Creates Blight in Rogers Park

High Weeds and Litter Surround the Adelphi Hole in the Ground

We the citizens of Rogers Park DEMAND that Alderman Joseph A. Moore IMMEDIATELY turn over ALL CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS from dead-beat dad Cedomir "Chad" Zuric to the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services toward partial retirement of Zuric's $400,000 child support arrears.

Moore abused his office by accepting $14,500 from a dead-beat dad posing as a real estate developer in exchange for Moore's support for a lucrative zoning change and the demolition of the former Adelphi Theater, all the while knowing full well the beneficiary owed $400,000 in child support payments.

Golden Hands Construction Company, Inc.
6/8/2005 $1,000.00 to Citizens for Joe Moore
7/12/2005 $1,000.00 to Democratic Party of the 49th Ward
3/10/2006 $2,500.00 to Citizens for Joe Moore

Zuric Development, Inc. to Citizens for Joe Moore
12/14/2006 $2,500.00
12/14/2006 $2,500.00
4/6/2007 $2,500.00
2/14/2008 $2,500.00

Through his actions Moore placed the needs of his political career ahead of the needs of children. Moore DOES NOT REPRESENT US when he took this money. This is NOT what our community values. We DEPLORE THIS ABHORRENT BEHAVIOR. WE DEMAND RESTITUTION. NOW!

Do it TODAY, Alderman Moore!


Dear neighbors,

Please write to Alderman Joe Moore today at AldMoore@aol.com with a cc: to ward49@cityofchicago.org . Ask your elected representative for JUSTICE for the Zuric children. Ask the Great Champion of Children Everywhere for a written response. Please post your text in the comments to help give your neighbors ideas about what to say, but write in your own words.

Or call 773-338-5796, but DON'T leave a message, DON'T talk to an assistant, ask to speak directly to YOUR Alderman, or ask for a call-back.

Thank you!


Illinois State Board of Election Commissioners

Cook County Recorder of Deeds document numbers 0536216173 and 0536216174

Read this document on Scribd: Cedomir "Chad" Zuric Child Support Lien

PIN 11-31-206-001 is 7070 N Clark, the site of the former Adelphi Theater.


YourChicagoFriend said...

Now that's a fine idea. Any bets on whether Joe will do the right thing?

been there said...

i demand that this developer solve his own problems, pay his won debts, and spend his money as he sees fit. funny that the same people who decry the nanny state criticize joe for not being the world's biggest nanny.
i also demand the "journalists" stop lying.
gee. that was great. how was it for you? want a cigarette?

YourChicagoFriend said...

been there:

Did you object when Obama donated the money given to him by Tony Rezko?

Do you think it would be best for Joe to given that money to the children who need it or keep it for himself?

Lastly, have you always been an imbecile?

Craig Gernhardt said...

A blast from the past. Sept. 2005.

Hugh said...

if you are not deeply offended by this, it's pretty clear NOTHING Moore could do would bother you

Hugh said...

4 times now Moore has been re-elected with DIRTY MONEY

pay-to-play zoning changes and demo permits are one thing, but with pay-to-play zoning changes and demo permits for a dead-beat dad Moore has sunk to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL

DIRTY MONEY doesn't get any DIRTIER than this

Moore has no shame

Moore believes in NOTHING


except Joe Moore

Hugh said...

an elected representative with no personal values whatsoever is a very dangerous thing for a community

Hugh said...

"Any bets on whether Joe will do the right thing?"

Moore has no conscience, he is incapable of doing the right thing on his own

it falls to his constituents to tell him what the right thing to do is

please call or write him


Craig Gernhardt said...

It's all about the children. If this doesn't bother you, you've got no soul.



Forward this to everyone you know.

Hugh said...

this just in -

blast e-mail from Moore claims his inbox is running 10-to-1 in favor of KEEPING the $14,500 in campaign cash from the dead-beat dad

notyou said...

Emailed to WGN News, keep your fingers crossed:

It would appear that alderman Joe Moore has accepted over $14,000 in campaign contributions from a developer that is a dead-beat dad, with over $400,000 in child support arrears. Thought Chicagoland might find it interesting where their alderman receive their campaign contributions from. The developer is Cedomir Zuric. Alderman Moore has been made aware of this, and does not appear to have turned this money over to Dept. of Healthcare and Family Services. Perhaps media pressure would force him to do so?

Additional information can be found here:


I know it's a "blog," but there does seem to be supportive documentation to back up the claims.

Anonymous said...

Someone should go find the ex-wife and ask her to contact Moore and express her opinion on whether he should turn over the money.

wantstoknow said...

I'm confused...Bill Morton's blog says the child support thing was settled in 2006.

--On May 30, 2006, Mr. Zuric settles the $400,000 child support arrears. Hey, sometimes sleight of hand works, especially when you get help from your shill in the audience! Especially when you use mortgage money to pay to get your ex-wife off your back. I'll bet she and the child(ren) quieted down quickly, too.

Hugh said...

Bill was being optimistic

you'll know it's settled when you see the liens released

Craig Gernhardt said...

And then there's that little thing like the land (AKA dangerous hole in the ground) being foreclosed on - we as a community have to deal with.

Hugh said...

today we confirmed with IDHFS (formerly DCFS), the Child Support Enforcement division that sadly THE DEBT IS STILL OUT THERE and that they are VERY interested in talking to Mr. Zuric

they ask that anyone with information on Mr. Zuric's whereabouts, or the whereabouts of any of his assets, please contact them!

please refer to support order 91F000855, IV-D case C 134211, Cedomir "Chad" Zuric


Hugh said...

when Bill saw the construction loans go thru, he naturally assumed the liens had been cleared or would be cleared with the proceeds, a completely understandable if somewhat naive conclusion

now we understand that how those loans got approved is just another part of the big mystery of how we find ourselves stuck with a hole in the ground and a 5th term of Joe Moore

proGun said...



MadeInRogersPark said...

You want to know something...the more I read about No moore the more I can't stand it. He really has no moral base whatsoever if he really takes money from some slob who would rather make his fortune on the backs of his deprived children
I know someone who really suffered as a result of the ex not paying support
The people who really got destroyed by the lame dead beat were the children

I guess when someone becomes an ex it is just ok not to pay support for the kids

It is so dispicable.

I wonder of Joe pays support for his kids......of cpurse his ex can pay her own bills the kids are still entitled to some of his $$$

but maybe theya re smarter than no moore is and know he is corrupt and don't want it

No Moore Joe Moore No Moore Joe Moore!

YourChicagoFriend said...

Has anyone discussed this issue directly with Joe?

Unknown said...

Given Joe's dedication to bringing a Boys and Girls Club to Rogers Park, I'm sure he will be the first to give that $14,500 to the kids who need it.


Razldazlrr said...

Moore is a leader - he should do the right thing and give the money back - what is wrong with him???

ck said...

So much for anything happening with that crime-magnet pit on the corner of Clark and Estes.

Chip Bagg said...

Rogers Parkers love weeds and litter. We also love middle-of-the-night screams, filth, garbage, nut grabbers, flying bullets, left wing politics and most of all... dog piss and dog shit. The worse our properties look, the more at home we feel. The Adelphi hole in the ground is just what we deserve. It might actually improve the looks of the neighborhood.

floss said...


BillyJoe'sBrain said...

I demand that been there pull her head out of her fat ass. Again.

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