Monday, March 2, 2009

Fire on Hollywood

3:32 PM: Fire at 1040 West Hollywood. Street is being blocked off. Caller says people are trying to jump out the windows.

3:38 PM: 4th and 5th floor residents are calling police. They can't get out of the building.

3:43 PM: The police are now getting worried about jumpers.

3:45 PM: Residents are now getting out of the building and police have asked for some warming buses.

3:47 PM: Police and fire are working together to get the residents who keep calling out of the building. Someone may be trapped in a stairwell. (According to police, there's 2 stairwells. East and West)

3:49 PM: Calls keep coming in for people stuck in their apartments. People with asthma. People with children, a pregnant lady and the elderly.

3:50 PM: Plan one for the police. Plan two for the fire.

3:51 PM: Hook-and-ladder rescues are going on. Frightened residents crawling down the fire equipment to safety.

3:52 PM: Apt. # 507 called. Still stuck.

4:00 PM: Chicago Tribune is reporting.

4:05 PM: Apt. #410 is in a wheelchair. Needs help.

4:11 PM: Still no warming buses.

4:11 PM: Red Cross is on the way.

4:12 PM: ETA for warming buses - 10 minutes. Metro Toyota has offered up it's showroom for the displaced residents.

4:20 PM: Warming buses will station in the Shell parking lot. Lot's for residents left with just little on their backs.

4:28 PM: Still no warming bus.

4:44 PM: Channel 7 reports seven people were taken to the hospital.

4:54 PM: At least one apartment is a "total gut," according to the police. "8 people went to the hospital," according to the police on scene. No word of total number of displacement as of yet.

5:46 PM: The injured were taken to five different hospitals.


RP36 said...

I arrived at the intersection of Hollywood and Broadway when the first fire truck arrived. It looked serious and I hope everyone made it out safe.

Craig Gernhardt said...

At this point it looks all smoke inhalation related.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Ouch. Glad everyone's okay :-).

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