Saturday, January 12, 2013

I got Yelped

If you noticed the posts on the blog have been coming in later at night, there's a reason, I got a new gig. Publishing doesn't pay the bills. The jobs I've applied for, and have worked at, were either part-time or I really hated what I was doing.

One such job I did like was bicycle delivery. But, it was in the Lincoln Park/Lakeview area. And I hated the commute. So, last week, I decided to try my own hand - in my own neighborhood. I made some fliers and went around to the local restaurants, diners and fast food places to offer my new service.

Interestingly enough, two businesses I've wrote about on here a few times, and not all that favorably, decided to give me a shot.

Well, I noticed couple people liked my service enough to Yelp me this week for one of these two spots.
Dan A. said: "I ordered on GrubHub and the food arrived super fast and extremely hot.  The delivery guy on the bike was super friendly and made my night.  Awesome Job!  Thanks Again!
Matt T. said: "The owner is real nice guy and delivery with GrubHub is super fast. So that is a plus."  Reviews on Yelp.
It bothers me none that the restaurant got the credit on Yelp. After all, it was their great food. And, it's our neighborhood business. I was pleased that my ability to get their food delivered quickly enhanced the buyers satisfaction to look favorably on one of our businesses - and comment about it on a popular  and influential review website, like Yelp.

BLOGNOTES: Shameless plug. All you restaurant owners. Are you looking for super fast, super friendly food delivery bikers - who will deliver your food to your customers as hot as it came off the grill? Look no further than right here - in Rogers Park.

Plus, it's an eco-friendly way to have your food delivered. No car. No pollution. No double parking on those narrow streets - pissing off your neighbors who may be trying to get their car out while food is being delivered. I'm reducing the carbon footprint and not hindering anything to our parking problems in the neighborhood, one delivery at a time.

And readers, call Chuckie's, Grill Inn or Morse Gyros - or if you don't like the phone ordering thing - order on Grubhub. Ask for the bike delivery guy. Maybe Mr. Broken Heart will show up quicker than quick, with piping hot food, a smile on his face, bringing you the best food Morse Avenue has to offer.

I even deliver North of Howard!


Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Very cool. Bicycle delivery makes more sense in the city than cars alot of times.

Craig you haven't run into any strange packages like in Premium Rush have you? Or can you pull off fancy stunts like that? :)

Craig Gernhardt said...

No strange packages. But, I did do a delivery to 7600 North Bosworth, 6th floor.

That was an experience I'll soon not forget.

Benji said...

Am just loving this. My new scoop at DNAinfo:

"Craig Gernhardt reduced to peddling his ass around Rogers Park in exchange for cash."

I might call for delivery hoping to get a photo of you at my front door with a pizza. Great story.

Craig Gernhardt said...

Don't forget, ask for the speedy delivery bike guy. Otherwise your food may arrive cold.

Chip Bagg said...

Best of luck on your new enterprise, Craig.
Starting your own business, working for yourself, making your own opportunity. Great American traditions.
But with all due respect, please drop the eco-friendly, carbon footprint, no pollution, no auto argument
If you provide a service people are willing to pay for, that is reason enough to use your service.
God bless you.
God bless free market capitalism.
God bless the U.S.S.A.

Bill said...

Go down to Edgewater and blow up Pete's Pizza at Granville and Winthrop; their delivery guys ALWAYS have their cars double-parked in the bike lane, even when there are spaces clear on the street right there.

Good luck with the delivery service.

Dangerously unstable individual said...

You might need a sidecar to deliver all that bacon to Phoebe

Maureen said...

Ol Boy got his hustle on!

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