Monday, February 4, 2013

The new "Gravel Pit" on Morse

How many of you remember the Morse Avenue Gravel Pit? In 2007 it was Jeff-O's main concern. He would go on and on for day's about this pile of dirt. Much like net-neighbors at Everyblock go at each other over piles of plowed alley snow.

Well, in 2013 we've spotted another such pile of gravel and bricks at 1335 West Morse, just a few doors east of the original "Gravel Pit." We'll call this stacked bricks and gravel.

I'm pretty sure the negative loiterers are going to have a nice spot to plop down their rumps and chill for a while if this remains, as is, much longer.


Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Yes that pile of gravel caused me apopleptic fits! Those were the darkdays before I actually got off my but to fix stuff.

I havent seen much loitering on Morse but I will keep my eyes open. Thanks for posting. I have a feeling this pile of bricks wont stay as long at that gravel did.

Dangerously unstable individual said...

If you build it, they will beg on it.

Chip Bagg said...

Let the loiterers sit and freeze their shiftless asses.

Stanley Katakowski said...


Anita Hanjaab said...

You boys are seriously deranged over a stack of bricks. As for you "Dangerously", you piece of dog shit, if your dick weren't the size of a peanut I'd tell you to go fuck yourself. It's the only way you're ever going to get laid you sick, twisted fucktard.

PB said...

This just in can't goof on everyblock anymore they just closed the doors. Which is kind of too bad as I was just starting to have some fun with it.
For instance a woman was looking for a place for a Baby Shower and I recommended The Ram in Lakeview.

Another person wanted to know what do about the T-Mobile reception in Ravenswood I suggested wrapping the phone in tin foil.

I posted about an advertisement I saw on TV to let my neighbors know that Red Lobster has a 15 for 15 promotion right now where 15 of their entrees are prices under 15 dollars.

I thought my neighbors should know these things. How am I going to keep them appraised of my valuable insight now?

Stanley Katakowski said...

I love you fucking retards.

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