Saturday, January 12, 2008

* Glenwood and Arthur No Crime Report (And More)

Loyola Community,

The following incident was reported to the Department of Campus Safety on Thursday, January 10. Though no crime or injuries occurred, students, faculty, staff, and others in the Lake Shore Campus area are being alerted as a precaution.

Incident reported: On January 6 at 10:30 p.m., at Arthur and Glenwood, a student and her fiance' saw two people dressed in black, wearing ski masks. When the two individuals yelled, "Come here," the couple ran. At the same time, an unrelated vehicle approached, and the offenders fled down Arthur, toward Glenwood.

Department of Campus Safety

Blognotes: A 911 call came in today about shots fired at this same corner (Arthur and Glenwood) around 9:15 AM. A police officer canvassing the area said a meter maid claimed to hear three shots also. While not as scary as two people wearing ski masks in the dead of winter and yelling "come here", it's still a no crime report.

And More: Report from a concerned neighbor. Saturday morning, 2:00 AMish: A group of teens out way past their curfew were fighting at the corner of Bosworth and Howard.

A post from Ann Rainey's Neighborhood Bulletin Board: 01-12-2008: RECEIVED TODAY FROM THE CHIEF: Christopher Skaggs OF 7600 BLK of Sheridan who was with Jose Clark when stopped by Evanston's Faison and Gomez 2 weeks ago was arrested for car burglary in Chicago on Jan 6th. He is at the county now, there was no other co-defendant with him on the arrest. Additionally, Jose Clark is going to get charged with a burglary in Chicago from 1200 W. Columbia Ave., his prints came back off one of the machines that were broken into. This came from the A3 detective division.

Blognotes: On CAN-TV this week, Joe Moore bragged about how great his information and electronic communitcations blasts to the neighbors were. I'm on that blast - and I never received this critical information from Joe. What's up with that?


MadeInRogersPark said...

I am not familiar where these lovebirds were born but walking hand in hand under that stars anywhere in Rogers Park after the sunsets isn't thinking!
Anyone who walks around RP is suseptible to crime. That is why I take my dog. In a way a false sense of security. if I am going to be robbed so be it but they will have to go thru my dog first

lafew said...
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lafew said...

The above comment, not post, is so lame. Craig tells it as it is reported to him or as he hears it. Interpretations and speculation are understood and appreciated. Apparently, it depends upon the neighborhood and there are so many in RP.

I regularly biked home late and regularly down the trail. I hope that I can eventually find a way to stop for a game of tennis en route. I have never experienced much trouble around before and around the dorms near Sheridan, before I head west down Devon to Ridge. No hassles other than a few small potholes that lack yellow spraypaint, if any. Paranoia doesn't strike that deep for me. I am looking forward to better weather.

If you have to lock yourself in your apartment, sit in your electric chair, and couch potato, then you probably won't take the elevator up the Hancock or the Sears Tower, either. If you live here, breath, you might find that you actually enjoy it.

Go to Big Bun, check out the Belgium Beer Store, check out Gullivers, Anna Held, Fish Keg, Mullens, Candlelite, Lamppost, etc.

I am happy NOT to share this sort of hysteria, but keep myself informed. If you have concerns or fears, then walk in well lit location. Also, encourage Moore to light areas that are unlit and well traveled. Talk to his assistant. It is all in the approach and persistence. If you are friendly with your neighbors who have outdoor lights, then ask them to turn them on. Live in a more populated area or find a neighborhood that you like if you are not out to improve your own RP hood.

To each his own. If you cannot integrate, and every young African American or Hispanic looks threatening to you, then you might find me scary, particularly when I don't shave! I promise not to light firecrackers, say boo, or order you to give me your wallet. Has anyone heard of hazing? I guess I look at these situations and wonder whether this was one of those pathetic situations or simply misinterpreted. However, I realize that people get goofy and think that reporting the situation was wise.

Buenos Noche.

rogerspark60645 said...

Lafew, Great post! Mullen's? I'm still in bed recovering from that place last night. I'll be there tonight for the Patriot's game. If you're there look for 2 blondes, Christine & Kristin. BTW. you'all should check out Louie's for breakfast...Touhy & California...just north of McKellin's bar. Corned beef hash and eggs for $4.65. I'm on my way.

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