Friday, January 11, 2008

* Handicapped Spaces Rarely Used on Pratt

After a few neighbors e-mailed me expressing their concern with a couple of handicapped spots on Pratt, I changed my three daily neighborhood walks to check into the matter.

Since that time, I've walked by this spot in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. I've done this for the last couple of weeks now. On top of that, I get daily e-mail reports from a concerned neighbor regarding cars parked (or in this case, NOT PARKED) in these spots. My findings are this:

These handicapped spots rarely, if ever, have cars parked there. I personally have NEVER seen a car or cars in either spot. Many times I've see a car in-between the two spots, but not in the spots.

For the record, I go by in the early mornings from 5:30 AM-7 AM - in the afternoons from 2 PM until 4 PM and the evenings hours from 7 PM until 9 PM.

Blognotes: I've got lot's more I've uncovered about the owner of these handicapped spots. Something Joe Moore or someone in his office should've done when this story first broke.

* Now, the $64,000 question. What's the reason our Alderman and his loyal staff continue to neglect this issue? I know Joe Moore doesn't want to acknowledge this website. But it's not about me folks. It's about the poor residents of West Pratt who are struggling with parking.

* Why hasn't Joe Moore done his own independent investigation and reported his findings to those in Permit Parking Area #56? After all, this is what the folks of the 49th ward elected him to do!

I will continue exposing this idiot to the blog world, unless our 49th ward do-nothing Alderman gets off his lazy ass and does something about the serious parking problem on Pratt. This won't go away until these spots do.


proGun said...

Hi All,
Dose RANKIN STANLEY own these spots.
What is his disability?
Are these spots owned by one person?

If so why does one person with disabilities need two spots?

Why is RANKIN STANLEY sueing the park district?

Craig Gernhardt said...

Pro Gun,

Glad you clicked the info links. LOL.

FYI: His name is Stanley Rankin, not Rankin Stanley.

I'm giving the Alderman's office a chance to save this guy from a public tar and feathering. It's now in Joe's hands. Stay tuned, buddy. :)

INKJAR said...


Bosworth said...

Can you add the 3 handicapped spots in front of 7638-7646 N Bosworth Ave? At least 2 of the cars parked in these spots have signs on the sides of them advertising ways to make big $$$ remodeling houses, but the drivers live in subsidized housing apartment buildings. The cars are used by able bodied adults from outward appearances, both male and female. One time in the last 3 months I have noticed an elderly woman with a cane get in one of the cars.

Unknown said...

My sincere apologies to the individuals who have a real and significant physical disability that necessitates a reserved street spot... Personally, I feel that a congested residential neighborhood (like the RoPo) would have been a poor choice of places to buy/rent. I'd probably have looked in a swanky place where the spot has real benefit like Lakeview or Lincoln Park.

For the fakers - this seems to be the new great way to get parking in the neighborhood. If you don't have an off-street parking spot - feign a disability (or have a disabled proxy) and get a city supplied one! And, it guarantee's you sweet parking at Dominick's, Target and the movies!

CommonSense said...

There used to be a handicapped woman who lived in the studio apartment building across the street from the handicapped spots on Pratt. She probably hasn't lived there in 4 years. Why those signs haven't been removed is anyones guess.

Fargo said...

I have a friend on Fargo who is in a wheelchair. He has been unable to get a handicapped spot in front of his house because he is not one of Joe Moore's favorite people. I hate seeing his wife pushing him blocks through the snow if they actually want to go out at night and don't have the rare good fortune to find an open space to park their van on their block. There are people who have a legitimate need who can't get a spot.

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