Wednesday, August 27, 2008

* Armed Spree Robber Captured

Between 1 PM and 2 PM, this bozo went on a mini-mart crime spree. It first started at Sonny's, 7001 North Sheridan, where he pulled a knife on the clerk and took an unknown amount of money and fled east towards the lake.

He then tried robbing Y&K Convenience Store at 1313 West Morse, where the store owner pushed him out the door and locked it. Then our 'criminal of the day' somehow entered JB's Pizza at 1326 West Morse, where he was apprehended by the Chicago Police.

The store owner at Y&K stated the man was bleeding on the arm, which is clearly seen in the photo. The store clerk at Sonny's also verified this was indeed the robber - where Sonny then stated he lived in a Halfway House at 7015 North Sheridan.


Unknown said...

Too new to this blog to understand the back-story here described in the link. Was the potential development at 7015 Sheridan a good or bad thing? Is 7015 Sheridan a half-way house? That place always looked empty to me.

rogerspark60645 said...

I saw you on Morse at 2:20 covering the story Craig. Good photo!

floss said...

Creepy photo in that the only thing clearly seen on his shirt is the word DEAD.

Man On The Street said...

While realizing how weird this sounds to say/write it, I'm glad this guy was using a knife. Less of a chance of innocent bystanders getting hurt.

Man On The Street said...

Oh, and how the hell did you mange to be there to catch the photo? Man, you should be working the crime beat for the Trib or Times.

Tom Mannis said...

How are liars like Craig Brainfart and Tom Womannis always at the scene of something going wrong?

IT's because Scumbuckets like Craig Gernhardt - Supporter of Male Prostitution/Owner of Gay Chicago Magazine, and liars like myself Tom H. Mannis have nothing better to do with out time than aimlessly wandering around Rogers Park with our camera's in hand waiting for some one to do something we don't like so we can take a picture and Hate blog them, along with the fact that we both own police scanners, and listen in like ambulance chasing laywers, so we can rush to the scene as soon as we hear about on our scanners, and don't forget That we also pay local bums like Scotty to fake accidents and create scenes on the street so we have even more to blog about when we can't find things we hate and have to blog about, so there's your answer.

billyjoe said...

Ha! Touche, "Tom Mannis."

Neither the Trib nor the Sun-Times would have anything to do with Craig and Tom and their purported news photography skills.

They are the Barney Fife twins of of Rogers Park.

Anima Sola said...

@ kung fu grip:
Uh, that was a Grateful Dead shirt, which is very creepy to me too, but in a totally different way.
{{{former Deadhead}}}

Chip Bagg said...

Was it Joe Moore's idea to have this Half-Way house at Lunt and Sheridan? Thanks a lot. I've seen this poor goof wandering the area but he never seemed dangerous, just demented. It's nice to know that he might also be dangerous. Well, Joe... one step forward and three steps back. You dumb ass.

The North Coast said...

Great to see chipbagg back.

YES YES, Joe is a big supporter of half-way houses for people with serious problems and felony records, in this area.

Only Uptown is more overburdened with this sort of thing, and their crime rates show it- 9 shootings down there this year.

Expect a hike in violence in this area from the halfway house now housed in the building at Lunt & Sheridan.

Razldazlrr said...

Is there anywhere to put a really big half-way house near Joe Moore's house? Maybe he could invite them over for morning coffee and holidays.

I heart the R.P. said...

Perhaps if we didn't have so much (crime) for Craig and Tom to photograph they wouldn't have so many opportunites to find it. Did you ever think of that?

Welcome marcum!

The North Coast said...

There is indeed something resembling a "halfway house" close to Joe's house.

Moore lives in the 1400 block of Fargo, just down the street from the horrid nursing home in the 1500 block of Fargo, which houses a number of sex offenders.

Joe seems to like living with dirt, for some reason. But, then, maybe that's why he drives his car a block and a half to work, instead of walking, as so many local residents have to.

Joe forgets that many of his neighbors don't have the luxury of encasing themselves in an auto to travel 2 blocks past all the crime and dirt.

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