Thursday, August 31, 2006

* Sending A Message?

Toni noticed this on her way to work and couldn't help but think of me. The 24/7 Howard-watcher sent me a couple of classic neighborhood photographs. Look at the pile of (human or dog?) crap that was left in front of the DevCorp North doorway. Is someone sending DevCorp a message? Or couldn't they find a alley in time?

You know, if they really wanted to find out who did this, they could review all that fancy security video they claim to have on Howard Street.

I'm adding it to my collection. Thanks Toni.

* 105-Unit Rogers Park Complex Sells for $7 Million

By Carlise Newman

CHICAGO - The dilapidated East Rogers Park neighborhood is hoping to get an aesthetic makeover with Inverbrass Funds’ purchase of a 105-unit property at 7301 N. Sheridan Rd. The locally based company paid $7.3 million for the 65,885-sf building. The nine-story structure also includes 6,000 sf of ground floor commercial space, which is currently divided into four commercial units. The buyer, Ayman Khalil of Inverbrass, plans to lease this space to local and regional credit tenants that will help continue the revitalization of Rogers Park community.

“A number of the neighborhood’s rental buildings have been lost to condo conversions,” Khalil says. Khalil has completed the majority of its renovation and plans to maintain the building as a rental property. Since January 2006, occupancy at the property has increased by 40 apartments, marking an increase from 30% to 65% occupied.

Douglas Fisher and Matthew Welke of Northbrook-based Essex Realty Group brokered the transaction and represented the seller, Robert Yassan of locally based Rany Management. Fisher and Welke also secured and represented the buyer.

“The building was an eyesore for Rogers Park because as the overall neighborhood was turning, its condition negatively affected the surrounding area and attracted the wrong type of tenants,” Fisher tells “The seller didn’t have the money to renovate, and there were a number of violations against the building.”

Khalil cleared out undesirable tenants and cooperated with the city to repair and remove all dangerous elements of the property. The building was constructed in 1923 by architect Benjamin Marshall, co-founder of architectural firm of Marshall & Fox, best known for Chicago landmarks such as the Blackstone Hotel and Theatre and the Drake Hotel.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

* Registered Sex Offender Violates the Law

When it comes to violating the law, Arron Snowden of 1515 West Morse Avenue takes the cake. Arron you see, signed a document stating he would not live with-in 500 feet of a school, playground, or any other facility providing programs or services exclusively directed toward persons under 18 years of age.

Well our neighbor Arron, who was convicted of 4 counts of rape, didn't measure out the distance between his new pad and the Howard Area Community Center's Youth Zone at 1527 West Morse just a couple of doors down the street. I tried to call John Fitzgerald the director of HACC, but he didn't seem to concerned to return my call.

If you see Arron, which one of my loyal readers has, he's 5 foot 10 inches tall and weights 220 lbs. Arron has been spotted hustling up on the ladies (a DevCorp North employee) at the soon to be demolished Top Hat Lounge.

The police have been contacted.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

* Rumble @ the Alderman's Office

Another Reader Submitted E-Mail


Not sure if you heard about the goings-on outside Joe's office today... I didn't know anything about them ahead of time myself, but I was picking up my mom around noon (ironically, we were going to Best Buy in Evanston to shop for laptops) and we heard some loud shouting coming from the north somewhere (Mom & Dad live at Chase & Greenview.) It sounded like "We want jobs! We want jobs!" or something like that.

Mom and I both needed some caffeine so we went by Charmers Cafe for some coffee before driving west. All the commotion was right outside Joe's office, about 200 or so people, almost all African American.

At first it seemed like a 100 percent anti-Joe demonstration, because of the "We Want Jobs!" chant, which soon became "We Want Jobs! Fuck Joe Moore!"

Then I realized that, no, this was actually a rumble between two anti-Joe faction which had bussed in from somewhere (West Side, maybe?) and some pro-Joe folks too.

The anti-Joe group had white T-shirts that said "Don't Box Us Out" or something like that, while the pro-Joe group had pink signs that said "Honk If You Want a Living Wage," or something like that.

They were pretty loud and pretty vocal and I wondered if a fight was going to break out. Joe emerged from his office briefly looking very pissed off. The cops came--at least 10 squads and a paddy wagon--but didn't make any arrests, they seemed to be more just observing.

I'm not sure if they ever actually gave an order to the anti-Joe group to disperse, but after about 1/2 hour the "Don't Box Us Out" folks got back in their bus and the pink-sign folks cheered loudly.

What I don't know, maybe someone can find out...was "Don't Box Us Out" a planned demonstration that maybe someone from Joe's office found out about, then marshalled his forces for a counter-demonstration? Or did the anti-Joe folks suddenly organize when they heard about a pro-living-wage rally at Joe's office? I would tend to think the former, because the T-shirts were much nicer and looked more professional than the pink signs. I could be wrong.

I'd love to dig a little deeper, but I'm going on vacation on Thursday and starting grad school as soon as I get back so I really don't have any time to investigate. Maybe you or someone else can?

I took a couple photos with my cell phone. They're not great because, well, they were taken with a cell phone, plus it was rainy and a little dark. The first one, "Rumble on Greenview," is of the rumble in action, you can see everyone mixing together, most of the folks in white T's were the anti-Joe group (though a couple folks from the pink-sign faction were wearing white "Joe Moore" T's). The second photo, "Joe's supporters," is of the pink-sign faction after the "Don't Box Us Out" group had gotten back on the bus.

Thought you'd want to know, & that you'd want the photos too. Do whatever you want with my knowledge there were no news outlets present, but I could be wrong on that too. There were at least no obvious news cameras/trucks/etc.


* Morse Avenue In the News Again

"Crime is down - Crime is decreasing." Everytime I hear Alderman Moore or Kevin O'Neil say this line, I want to just throw up.

Please Alderman, tell us the truth for once. Morse Avenue is a Hell Hole and you can't do anything about it.

Dry cleaning employee beaten on North Side

By Dan P. Blake
Tribune staff reporter

August 29, 2006, 4:37 AM CDT

A 62-year-old employee of a Rogers Park dry cleaner is hospitalized this morning after a teenager assaulted him during an altercation over a clothes pick-up, Chicago police said.

The attack occurred around 4:30 p.m. Monday when the 17-year-old boy came into the Cameo Cleaners dry cleaning shop and couldn't provide a ticket for clothes that he claimed were his, Rogers Park District Capt. Howard Denk said.

When the employee of the store at 1349 W. Morse Ave. refused to hand over the clothes, the boy struck him in the face.

"He didn't have a ticket and when they wouldn't give (the clothes) to him he punched the man in the nose," Denk said, adding that the man fell back and struck his head.

Paramedics took the victim to St. Francis Hospital in Evanston where he was treated for lacerations to his head and was being held for observation, police said. His condition was not available this morning, but Officer David Banks described his injuries as "not major."

A 60-year-old woman, thought to be the victim's wife, witnessed the attack and told police the boy was about 5 foot 6 inches, and weighed 160 pounds, Denk said.

The clothes were not stolen from the store, police said, and no arrests have been made.

Copyright © 2006, Chicago Tribune

* Alderman Treats Park Like A Parking Lot

Reader Submitted E-Mail
Photo by: Mike

Dear Craig-

On Sunday JoMo held a picnic in the park. All his buddies disregarded parking rules and drove in the park and parked there cars instead of finding a spot legally on the street. Does JoMo think he is above the law? There were cars everywhere on the park grass. Is this JoMo's sad little joke warning us this is the future of RP. Our park is turning into a highway because of JoMo. How can we stop this from happening again Craig?

Signed, A Upset Park Lover

Dear Upset Park Lover,

I see you didn't send your problem issue to the other guy. I feel your pain. See, Aunt Jan and JoMo want to spend your taxpayer dollars to build Lake Shore Drive right near where those cars are parked in the photo. That's the real plan even though they won't tell you that.

You ask how can we stop this from happening again? It's simple, In November 2006, don't vote for Aunt Jan, and In 2007, vote JoMo out of office.

Thanks for reading,


* Chef Caught Selling Fatty Liver

According to the Sun-Times, someone ratted out chef Rick Spiros at Block 44 for selling Foie Gras. Now the City Health Department spokesman Tim Hadac said the 311 complaint will trigger a letter to Block 44 "reminding them of the law and letting them know we expect compliance."

Why is the Health Department wasting taxpayer dollars for this administration costs to the taxpayers? Don't they have more important things to do? I say make Alderman Moore write the letter himself and hand deliver it to 4365 N. Lincoln personally.

It's his law, let him go around the city enforcing it.

Monday, August 28, 2006

* Patrick Smage Stuns Everyone... (but me)

First off, I gotta say, this has been the best weekend. Ever!

For those who have followed the "Broken Heart" know my cousin and I compete in off-road motorcycle competition. And you should also know Patrick, Noel's son is a rising star on the pro circuit of our sport.

All year Pat has finished last in the pro class, but every event the little kid inched closer to the top riders in North America. At 16, the other's know Patrick is someone to watch out for, they just didn't expect it to be so soon. This weekend the competition just saw the rising star fly right past them. O.K., with that lead-in it's almost anti-climactic.

Here is the industry report on Patrick.

Here is a short summary I posted the night of the victory. I could have done a better job, I know, but we really were having a some celebration party.

Here is my day two report before heading back home to a real mess. I'll tell you about that soon. But, did I mention? This has been the best weekend. Ever!

Watch out world, here we come!

Friday, August 25, 2006

* Fagus Shuns the 49th Ward Voters Wishes

It seems like we continue to bend over and take it. Some may call it a slap in the face. Either way, David Fagus once again screwed the people who voted at the polls. According to the Sun-Times, the committeemen from the 49th ward brought in the troops to vote for Todd Stroger for Cook County Board President during Saturday nights Independent Voters of Illinois-Independent Precinct Organization endorsement session.

Can anyone say David Fagus is out of touch with his 49th ward constituents?

Thursday, August 24, 2006

* Heading East

If you don't see me around my booth this weekend at the Glenwood Art Fair it's because I'll be in Rhode Island.

Have a safe weekend everyone.

* 4 Shots Fired this Morning

Instead of waking up to a clock alarm, or the thunder and lightning sounds from the rain storm, I woke up this morning to 4 shots that sounded like they came from a gun. From what I could judge, the gun shot sounds came from the 1300 block of West Morse about 5:50 a.m. I called 911.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

* Dry Cleaning Stolen From Car

I'm a regular reader of your blog, and I was hoping you might post something for me. On Monday PM or Tuesday AM someone stole the dry cleaning from our car, at Ashland & Rogers. They got away with a bunch of my husband's dress shirts, a few of his suits, and some dresses of mine.

The clothes were not designer brands and pretty conservative, and I sort of doubt whoever took them will have any interest once they realize what they got. I don't think the clothing has any street or resale value.

That being said, I'm wondering if our stuff is lying in a heap in some alley or park around the neighborhood. Would you mind posting something about this on your blog?

I'm not holding my breath, but it would be really wonderful if we could get some of the clothes back. I'm also curious about if other neighbors have had recent car break ins. They took larger-sized dress shirts in white and blue, some grey dress pants, some business suits, a white skirt and two black dresses, one silk and the other linen.

I can be reached at:

Thanks much,

Missing Some Clothes

* The Bar's Always Open in Front of the Block Building

Trash one
Sorry I had to go back to downloading photos in flickr today making them much larger. Still, these photographs are here to tell a sad story. A story of trash in front of the Block building. This is the wasted left-overs from the choir boys who just doing nothing but loiter in front of the building. This is a common occurrence. Let's look closer at what doing nothing but hanging out causes.
Trash two
A close up shows two - broken pint Meyers rum bottles, a broken Hennesy bottle, half full coke bottle, a half dozen empty beer cans, pizza containers and assorted paper wrappers.

This is what is left behind when these angels just loiter. Let's not forget the pee and shit in the alley.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

* Let's Go To Court

When it all comes down to it, it being Foie Gras, here is what the battle is all about.

Local governments are empowered under the Illinois constitution to deal with local problems. All of the foie gras sold in Chicago restaurants is lawfully produced in other states or countries. None is produced in Chicago. So, the City Council ban on restaurant sale is not designed to address any local problems, such as how animals are treated in Chicago. Since local governments are empowered by the Illinois Constitution to deal only with local issues, this ordinance is unconstitutional.

What do I think? Starting today Alderman Moore should try this case himself - on his own dime, not the taxpayers. Let's tie this case up in the courts for the next 8 months.

* August 2006 CAPS Beat 2431 Notes and More

CAPS meetings. Why don't more people attend these community get-togethers? It seems like the same 15 people with three or four new faces added each month. The new ones rarely return. And come to think of it, who really would? We spend the first 15 minutes getting numbed by mindless, statistical numbers that don't mean a thing. After the numbers are crunched up, then subtracted, then divided - the beat facilitator will finish the subject off by saying "Crimes Down."

Just once, I'd love to hear them be honest and say, "Sorry guys, we're in a gang war zone. The gangs are fighting over turf and we can't do anything about it."

* Tony at J.B. Pizza said the Block building at 1340 West Morse is worse than ever. I wonder if he reads the Hell Hole? Anyhow, the open air drug market salesman, (well Tony didn't call them that) are swarming the building and when the police drive by they wander down to his business to hide. Once in a while, they will stop in for a slice pizza, then throw their container on the sidewalk for good measure, but mostly they drag their feet and wait for the police to drive by.

* Tony also mentioned they (the gangs) hang across the street at Morse Gyros and the parking lot to Magic video. Tony, like me, feels his calling 911 all the time make him personally feel like a pest to the police. I feel Tony's pain. I too feel the same way making all my 911 calls that rarely get solved.

* Tony said ever since the Morse Pod #19 police camera went up on the west side of the Morse EL, the gang activity has moved to the east side of the tracks. Tony said a police camera right in front of the Morse Gyros would be effective.

* With the school year starting again, Katy Hogan is looking for after school walkers to help her with "rinky dink patrol" around the Field School/CSMA School and the Ashland area from Pratt to Lunt. She lost a couple walkers because they moved out of the danger zone. If you join, CAPS will give you a award. Or at least they did last year.

* Oh, by the way, 911 call counts are up this month. Last month there were 1100. This month there were 1322. No, I didn't make 200 - 911 calls to get the figure higher. I did call a few more times than I have recently. This was just in CAPS beat 2431. The smallest of all CAPS beats.

* Out of 90 units in the Block buildings, (1340 West Morse & 1345 West Lunt) there are 12 eviction notices pending according to the Alderman's office.

* Mr. Block is retiring.

Monday, August 21, 2006

* Official July 2006 CAPS 2431 Notes

Minutes, July 17, 2006, beat meeting


Kevin O’Neil, CAPS Beat Facilitator.

Minutes recorded by Jayne M. Hoffman.

Below is a recap from the meeting. Meeting notes are paraphrased. Quotations are marked accordingly.

I. Welcome: introductions and announcements.

7:03pm: Kevin opened with comments. Kevin welcomed everyone. Neither Sgt. Cooper nor the representative from the Alderman’s office could be here this evening.

Kevin: The 24th District Advisory committee holds a fund pool containing monies donated by Allstate Insurance for safety programs. We decided to purchase personal-safety devices for the beat meeting attendees. We’re also giving away “The Club,” (anti-auto-theft device). There will be a drawing to give away four at the ending of the meeting, so hold on to those numbers given to you at the door.

II. Arrest data and ICAM report. Click here to go to June crime stats. For ICAM reports, click here.

Kevin reported the city council passed a new gang loitering ordinances, requiring that offenders warned to disperse must stay away for eight hours now. Previously, they had to stay away for three hours.

Kevin extended Sgt. Cooper’s challenge from the last beat meeting to call 911 and be persistent by following up and maintaining communications with the police.

III. Updates on problems from last meeting.
The building owner of 1301-03 Morse/6932-34 Lakewood: nothing new at this time.

1237-43 W. Lunt: Kevin: Mr. Alex Mindea owns this building. A team of citizens has been addressing this problem building since last summer. This group took a break through the winter, and has begun moving forward since spring to compel Mr. Mindea to clean up his building. We brainstormed and came up with a sizeable list of suggestions to discuss in a meeting with Mr. Mindea at the Alderman’s office.

We pulled statistics and discovered that there were about 155 calls for service (911 calls) last year to his building. This contrasts greatly to a nearby building with just 13 calls for service in the last year.

Click here for details of demands on Mr. Mindea and his response.

Kevin: We have made some progress. A citizen who lives at 1237 Lunt confirmed that some things have improved in the building. She knew the previous owner and stated that earlier, Mr. Mindea was not screening tenants. Now he is. He has planted some flowers, and secured the front gate. He said that he needed some support from within the building to help in witnessing the issues going on so he could evict these people. The 1241-43 addresses have been the primary source of problems.

1345 Lunt/1340 Morse: Citizen: her son is afraid to leave the building because he’s been targeted by aggressors who hang out on the Lunt side. Kevin: the building manager is Harris Block. This building has problems similar to those at the 1237-43 Lunt. Service calls have also been high: 174 calls at 1340 Morse, and 138 calls on the Lunt side, which works out to approximately 1 call every 2 days for a year.

We asked Mr. Block for many of the same things as we asked Mr. Mindea: criminal background checks and credit checks, etc. He was not requiring security deposits, and promised to begin doing that as well as change his advertisements to commensurate with the new policy. Some security lights weren’t working. Are they replacing the sensors? Citizen: No. Kevin: Chris Hill, the on-site caretaker, and present at the meeting, has offered to sign complaints for people who witness illicit activities.

Click here for details of demands on Mr. Block of the 1345 W. Lunt / 1340 W. Morse buildings, and his response. A follow-up meeting is scheduled for Aug. 8.

1345 Lunt/1340 Morse (cont’d). Citizen: I’ve had several people from these buildings harassing people and hopping the fence into my yard. What do I do when I file a report? Officer: we can arrest for illegal trespassing. You would need to sign a complaint, and to go to court.

Kevin: “I recommend that you call [911], and provide your name.” Also, if you give the police your telephone number, they will call you when they have the perpetrators in sight or arrested. Officer: We’ll call you back, so when we hit the area, you can tell us what (and who) to look for. We need you to give as much information describing the perps, how many there are, and what they are doing.

Citizen: “What kind of protection do you offer citizens?” Officer: there are court advocates who will go with you. More than half the time offenders don’t want to bother to show up for court, and an arrest warrant is issued.

Kevin: You can also call me and I’ll go, or call the 24th District and someone will go to court with you. Kevin: “When I’ve called [911], the police would meet me in a safe place near the crime scene … In my experience, perps have prior arrests or warrants already.” Each time I’ve gone to court, the defendants have never appeared. For example, I called on one perp. who was turning tricks in my back alley. They arrested him for simple assault since he threatened me, which would only hold him for a few hours. I went to court and he didn't show up. However, he had an outstanding warrant for a more severe crime and the judge required $5,000 bail. He was arrested a few days later and the perp sat in jail for two weeks since he could not make bail.

IV. Identify new problems.
Citizen: expressed concern that he’s witnessed more drug dealing on the 1300 block of Lunt lately than in his 18 years living there. Kevin and Officers asked if he was calling 911 whenever he witnesses drug deals and other illicit acts taking place. Citizen: stated that he signed a report and went to court once, but the perpetrator did not do any time. He said that he’d call file a report if the criminal actually receives punishment: “a slap on the wrist” doesn’t qualify as punishment. Officer: street drug deals are difficult to arrest because by the time we arrive at the scene, the perpetrators have finished and fled. Kevin: we have been targeting the problem rental buildings on that block of Lunt. If we get rid of the bad tenants, the crimes will go as well.

1212 Lunt/7000 Sheridan: This complex is at the northwest corner of Sheridan and Lunt streets. Citizen: perps hang out on the Lunt side and harass women passing by. Prostitutes also hang around at the Lunt side: there were two prostitutes fighting not long ago.

Citizen: 1424-32 Farwell, Bil Mar building. She mentioned problems with dealing around the building. Kevin asked for residents and neighbors to come together and work on this building as other neighbors have done on the abovementioned Lunt and Morse buildings.

Citizen: I’ve seen people urinating in the parking area of a building, but didn’t call 911 because it was on private property. Police: The act can be called in as indecent exposure when on private property. Other citizens came forth with complaints about an increase in urinating in various areas of Loyola Park, especially in the grassy regions to the west of the bike path.

V. Other items of business.
* Kevin: as announced at the beginning of this meeting, we are raffling off several auto locking mechanisms, “The Club” and will do so after the announcements.

VI. Announcements.
* The Chicago Bike Federation (CBF) is hosting a family fun ride this weekend, and Ceasefire will also be there. Flyers were passed.
* “Stop the Falls” coalition formed to address the problem of children falling out of windows. The average is two-three accidents a week. Flyers were passed.
* Jayne: apologized and made a correction regarding last month’s meeting notes having forgotten to insert her own query about the distinction between, and to have “walk” and “march” defined.
* Jayne: affirmed Kevin’s previous comment regarding Sgt. Cooper’s wish for all citizens to act persistently in calling 911, and to follow through with the police. Implicitly we need to transform our perception about where our role ends and the police’s role begins. They should mesh extending relationships and increasing camaraderie with the police.
* Kevin: we had 18 people at the last community walk. It was a good turnout. The next walk will be on Friday, August 4. We meet in front of 1340 W. Morse at 7 pm.
* Kevin: go to and click on Beat 2431to peruse the meeting notes.
* An officer was injured in a squad car accident in Beat 2413 in July. Bruce will bring cards for signing at the next meeting.
* What is gooning? It’s beating up someone for the sake of the beating, no theft or robbery takes place. It usually involves juveniles beating up an adult. Approximately two-three years ago Rogers Park had a problem with teenagers under 16 years old. Police say no goonings of this type have been reported in Rogers Park in the past year. Citizen: They are happening, but are not being reported. Kevin reminded everyone to report all crimes so we know what's happening in the beat, and get proper police resources to handle crime problems.
* Tuesday, August 1 at 7 pm: National Night Out. Beat 2431 and a couple of other CAPS beat areas get together and give away ice cream. Location: Morse and Clark streets.
* The next beat meeting is, Monday, August 21.

Friday, August 18, 2006

* CAPS Beat 2431 Monday

* Alderman Moore Runs Business Out of City - Part 3


Santa Fe Mayor David Coss and San Francisco Supervisor Tom Ammiano were greeted with a "warm" Chicago welcome Thursday as they met with a barrage of questions in an ad-hoc City Council meeting on living wage laws.

As is customary for discussions on the controversial "big box" ordinance, which calls on Chicago retailers of more than 90,000 square feet to eventually pay workers $10 an hour plus $3 in benefits, the session quickly devolved into a bare-knuckles debate with several aldermen demanding the stage and interrogating the guests like they were witnesses in a courtroom.

Advocate and opposition groups in the audience frequently erupted with cheers and jeers during the more than two hours of questioning.

Coss and Ammiano were summoned by Ald. Joe Moore (49th), the bill's primary sponsor, and Ald. Freddrenna Lyle (6th) to testify about the success of wage laws in Santa Fe and San Francisco and also to calm nerves of jittery aldermen shaken by threats of major retailers to cancel construction plans.

Both men said they were under similar pressure when the laws passed in their cities two years ago. As they hurled tough questions, aldermen also voiced concern the Chicago so differed from the other two cities that it was not fair to compare the cities' varying wage laws.

"My ward is about the size of Santa Fe," Ald. Bernie Stone (50th) told Coss.

Santa Fe, with 65,000 residents within city limits, has a population equal to that of most wards in Chicago. Outlying areas like Evanston and Skokie, which border Stone's ward, are actually bigger than Santa Fe, a city largely isolated from suburban populations. The closest suburban community to Santa Fe is nearly three miles from of the city center.

Stone, who supports building big box outlets here, seized on that point Thursday, saying that large retailers could easily build stores just outside Chicago's city limits, while they could not in Santa Fe. "I can step across a line and be in 3 cities," he said. "A competing commercial development can be built right across the line. It's not like going two or three miles."

Aldermen who oppose increasing the living wage for big box employees pointed to a variety of other differences between Chicago, Santa Fe and San Francisco--from the average household income and property tax rates to school funding, the cost of living, and even the crime rates--as reasons why wage laws in other cities cannot be used as a litmus test for Chicago.

Alds. Dorothy Tillman (3rd) and Howard Brookins, Jr. (21st) said Santa Fe'sethnic make-up, which includes only a small African-American community, made it incomparable to Chicago.

"Good morning and welcome to Chicago," Tillman said to Coss. "What is the racial breakdown of your city?" According to Coss, Santa Fe is about 45 percent Hispanic, 8 percent Native American, 40 percent Caucasian. Less than five percent of the population is African American, he said.

"Has your city ever experience 'white flight?'" asked Brookins. "Do you understand that is difficult to attract certain retailers to -- I'm not going to say urban areas -- I'm going to say black areas? Are you familiar with that phenomenon?" Coss said that the "phenomenon" is not one he deals with in Santa Fe.

Ald. Billy Ocasio (26th), a strong supporter of the ordinance, took a shot back at Tillman and Brookins when he got his turn to take the floor. "Let me just inform my colleague, Ald. Tillman, that African Americans are not the only ones who live in poverty," Ocasio said, noting the financial struggles of many Hispanics in the city.

The heated exchange between aldermen brought to the surface the deep fissures the ordinance has created in the council. "And I apologize that some of the people here have been trying to bully you," Ocasio added, speaking to Coss.

Aldermen also learned of big differences between the wage laws in San Francisco and Santa Fe the ordinance that passed through Chicago City Council last month.

In Santa Fe, for example, the law applies to stores of 25 or more employees, regardless of business sector, and does not include benefits. Workers were paid $8.50 an hour when the bill first passed in 2004 and the rate increased to $9.50 an hour this year.

In San Francisco, which has an urban landscape, population and ethnic diversity closer Chicago's, the living wage applies across the board to nearly all businesses--no matter their size or industry--and includes part-time workers.

The San Francisco law was originally aimed at employers of 10 or more workers, but it was modified to apply to all businesses with at least two workers. Any company that would be subject to the federal minimum wage must now pay the city's living wage of $8.85 an hour, an amount that increases by the year.

After the meeting Coss said he was unfazed by his hour-long shelling. "I thought they were very cordial," he said with smile. "They're elected officials at a public hearing, they can ask whatever they want. I won't judge whether they were the right questions or the wrong questions - on point or off point."

Although the living wage bill already passed in 35-14 vote, some aldermen say that Moore called the meeting to combat threats of a mayoral veto and to stem the tide of politicians who might changing sides.

Blognotes - Part #1: "We've got more work going [on] downtown in one block than . . . those cities combined. One block -- not two blocks or three blocks," Mayor Daley said. "They should go back and help their own cities.

Blognotes - Part #2: Alderman Moore should go back to his own ward and help his own people.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

* Shots Fired - With Bonus Coverage - Hold Up

Reader Submitted e-mail:

Four shots heard on Ashland in alley between Ashland and Paulina, Touhy and Estes at ~ 12:30 a.m. Thurs.  No other sounds.  Looked out windows, saw and heard nothing.  Approx. 5 mins later police all over the place. Bus called, sits in alley for long time, eventually leaves but no sirens. (Does that mean the vic is dead?)  Crime scene tape extended all around parking lots in alley.
I would have gone out to take pics but am in jammies, and, well, there's some creep running around with a gun.

Reader translated crime: Tourists Held Up at Knife Point

Tuesday early morning - 2ish, in front of the Heartland Cafe. Two, what seemed to be Dutch tourists, were held up at knife point and had their money and passports taken. Very little details. After all, it was two in the morning in front of the Heartland Cafe.

* Alderman Moore Runs Business Out of City - Part 2

The Wall Street Journal, (one of my favorite pieces of reading material) came out with this juicy little quote on Alderman Moore.

"Alderman Joseph Moore clearly doesn't think very far ahead, if he thinks at all."
The Wall Street Journal
Big Box Rebellion
August 16, 2006: Page A - 10

How can the Wall Street Journal, a newspaper some 1000 miles away, know our Alderman Moore better than the 3000 plus fools who vote for him every election cycle?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

* It's a Political Kinda Day

From the moment I woke up and walked Cota yesterday, I figured it was going to be a political day. Little did I know how right I was.

First, I ran into The 'Other Guys' wife collecting signatures at the Lunt Avenue side of the Morse Avenue El stop for the other guy's Aldermanic campaign. She asked if I cared to sign - I politely declined. Heading back the other way Anne Sullivan was covering the Morse Avenue side for The 'Other Guys' wife.

O.K., that seems mild enough, but when I got home, more Aldermanic campaigning was waiting in the mailbox.

The most noticeable thing that caught my eye this time was Alderman Moore's campaign sent me a political 'Back to School' picnic invitation which included a 10 year old photo of the Alderman wearing knee high socks.

Yes indeed, the Alderman has already started sending out expensive glossy style campaign mailers. He can't send us the important stuff like CAPS updates, or zoning change updates in the mail, but campaign material, he spares no expense.

Next to the Alderman's way early campaign mailer was a envelope from The 'Other Guy'- Not the citizens for The 'Other Guy', but the The 'Other Guy' himself. Seems The 'Other Guy' wanted to send me his D-2's. How nice of him for sending this, but why? Maybe The 'Other Guy' wasn't getting enough blog press now that Gary Fuchie quit blogging?

Anyhow, here's what stuck out. The 'Other Guy' raised $5,851.94. The 'Other Guy' spent $4,480.17.

Big Donors: No shock here I guess. It's suburban folks. After all, he's a suburban banker. One resident named Farina Chaudry, a student from Villa Park gave $1,500.00 and one McHenry resident named Robert Tobiaski, who is retired gave $1000.00. These two make up nearly half of the funds raised. I doubt I've ever seen these two on a neighborhood walk or a 49th ward clean and green?

Big Receiver: Campaign manager Annie Sullivan made just under $1,750 dollars. She has collected nearly half of what was spent. So when you hear her talk nice about Don, remember, she is getting paid to say these things.

Biggest disappointment: Michael Harrington can give money to The 'Other Guy', but can't pay off his own campaign debt. Here's a guy who owes money from a 2003 campaign. Can you say poor fiscal management?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

* Morseland Resale Shop Creates Major Mess

Hi Craig - I just took these photos last night. This stuff (from the Morseland Resale Shop 1445 West Morse Avenue) has been sitting on the Morse since 1pm yesterday. The whole neighborhood was picking through it. Right in front of the cops. Now, it's a big mess. - Mike

Blognotes: My guess is the store got evicted for not paying rent Mike. Looks like we lost another retail outlet in Rogers Park and added another vacant storefront.

FYI: The Block building at 1345 West Lunt Avenue looks the same way today. Someone got thrown out and all their belongings are scattered all over the neighborhood from people pilfering the un-guarded contents. Now, it's a big mess.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

* Block Building At All Time Worst

It's been a little over a year since a few neighbors got Alderman Moore's office involved in the slum-like problems at the Block building. In that time period, the conditions have slowly gotten worse. You read the horror stories. Some of you may have even been a victim. Like Dan Sullivan who supports Alderman Moore and Don Gordon. He owns the property accross the street. He alleged the gangs hanging out front of the Block building broke two of his windows.

Now, after nearly a half dozen meetings, it's clear the Alderman has NO power to get a slumlord like Block to fix his building. Forget running the gangs off the property that don't belong there. Little things like planting some flowers and removing three month old dead bushes (pictured above) just can't get done. These things make the neighborhood better. Mr. Block and Alderman Moore can't seem to get this done.

The Alderman has ZERO power to getting CTA or city services to do maintainence, like trimming trees along Glenwood. This would help light the street.

The Alderman has no power asking the Chicago Police Department to follow through on stake-outs the police promised the community a year ago. This would catch the drug dealing by the Block building. That's if they really want to catch them?

What does the Alderman have the power to do? Run retail out of the city. Now look, beside Wal-Mart and Target, now Lowe's Home Improvement is thinking of not building stores. If Alderman Moore keeps running retail out of the city, by the time someone does get around to some building improvements at the Block building, they will have to shop in the suburbs to get their supplies, losing the city of valuable sales tax.

Blognotes: After looking at the ugly dead bushes (pictured above) for three months, I removed them myself yesterday. If the trees along Glenwood don't get trimmed soon, I'll get a 12 foot ladder and chainsaw, then I'll do that job myself too.

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

* Political Consultant/Office Cleaner

Frazier, Wayne
7415 N. Winchester
Chicago, IL 60626 $572.52
2/28/2006 Expenditure
Citizens for Joe Moore political consulting

Frazier, Wayne
7415 N. Winchester
Chicago, IL 60626 $572.52
3/14/2006 Expenditure
Citizens for Joe Moore political consulting

Citizens for Joe Moore
Frazier, Wayne
7415 N. Winchester
Chicago, IL 60626 $351.68
3/28/2006 Expenditure
Citizens for Joe Moore political consulting

Citizens for Joe Moore
Frazier, Wayne 7415 N. Winchester
Chicago, IL 60626 $351.68
4/11/2006 Expenditure
Citizens for Joe Moore political consulting

Citizens for Joe Moore
Frazier, Wayne 7415 N. Winchester
Chicago, IL 60626 $351.68
4/20/2006 Expenditure
Citizens for Joe Moore political consulting

Citizens for Joe Moore
Frazier, Wayne 7415 N. Winchester
Chicago, IL 60626 $401.92
5/10/2006 Expenditure
Citizens for Joe Moore political consulting

Citizens for Joe Moore
Frazier, Wayne 7415 N. Winchester
Chicago, IL 60626 $415.00
5/10/2006 Expenditure
Citizens for Joe Moore political consulting

Citizens for Joe Moore
Frazier, Wayne 7415 N. Winchester
Chicago, IL 60626 $30.00
5/15/2006 Expenditure
Citizens for Joe Moore political consulting

Citizens for Joe Moore
Frazier, Wayne 7415 N. Winchester
Chicago, IL 60626 $401.92
5/23/2006 Expenditure
Citizens for Joe Moore political consulting

Citizens for Joe Moore
Frazier, Wayne 7415 N. Winchester
Chicago, IL 60626 $502.40
6/12/2006 Expenditure
Citizens for Joe Moore political consulting

Citizens for Joe Moore
Frazier, Wayne 7415 N. Winchester
Chicago, IL 60626 $1,120.00
6/19/2006 Expenditure
Citizens for Joe Moore political consulting

Citizens for Joe Moore
Frazier, Wayne 7415 N. Winchester
Chicago, IL 60626 $1,120.00
6/26/2006 Expenditure
Citizens for Joe Moore political consulting

Citizens for Joe Moore
Frazier, Wayne 7415 N. Winchester
Chicago, IL 60626 $527.52
1/12/2006 Expenditure
Citizens for Joe Moore political consulting fee

Citizens for Joe Moore
Frazier, Wayne 7415 N. Winchester
Chicago, IL 60626 $80.00
1/13/2006 Expenditure
Citizens for Joe Moore office cleaning expense

Citizens for Joe Moore
Frazier, Wayne 7415 N. Winchester
Chicago, IL 60626 $376.80
1/27/2006 Expenditure
Citizens for Joe Moore political consulting

Citizens for Joe Moore
Frazier, Wayne 7415 N. Winchester
Chicago, IL 60626 $439.60
2/9/2006 Expenditure
Citizens for Joe Moore political consulting

* Raising Some Money

From January 1st to June 30th the Citizens for Joe Moore had 163 itemized Individual contributions totaling $112,950.00.

His available funds at the close of the reporting period are, (6-1-06) $156,845.48.

While I'm here giving you quality information at a click of the button, for the other guys, they are going to spend more time collecting $49 dollars each and not enough time campaigning on issues.

Any comments on who's giving Alderman Moore what? Like Dan Sullivan playing both sides of the fence.

Saturday, August 5, 2006

* CAPS Beat 2431 'First Friday Walk' A Failure

Friday night - 7p.m. The location - 1340 West Morse Avenue: This time I purposely didn't flyer for this CAPS event. This time I purposely didn't post the information on the blog about the CAPS Beat 2431 - first of the month walk. This time six people showed up. CAPS 2431 beat facilitator Kevin O'Neil - Jayne M. Hoffman, the CAPS 2431 minutes note-taker, (she showed by accident, she was getting off work from the EL) - Eve Brownstone a Rogers Park historian - James Ginderske, (I saw him at a coffee shop and informed him a hour earlier) - Cota and myself. Cota is my trusty, four legged friend, she counts. So, instead of walking this month, the small, yet very determined group - positive loitered on the north-east corner of Morse Avenue and Glenwood for 45 minutes. Is this what happens when I don't take charge?

On the other side of the street, in front of Morse Gyros, a half dozen Open Air Drug Market salesman watched us with keen eyes. Under the Morse Pod #19 - blue police camera, four to six panhandlers were openly drinking their booze on the sidewalk.

So, it only took two - 'first Friday of the month walks' before the neighborhood residents had enough of trying to make beat 2431 a safer place with these feel good - neighborhood walks. Is this what happens when I don't take charge?


To Lady on Farwell and Greenleaf Annie who said this panhandler doesn't drink, well shocking enough, she was seen with a 24 .oz beer can in her hand during this event. The cans contents were seen being poured in her mouth.... by her own hand.

For two months now the Alderman's office promised to have the overhanging branches from the trees trimmed along the North Glenwood area from Morse Avenue to Lunt. The branches block the light from the street lamps causing the area to be dark and unsafe at night. This project has been all but ignored. Safety doesn't seem to be a high priority of Alderman Moore and his staff.
Police @ Block Building

More Block building problems. Here is a picture from 5:30-6:00 PM yesterday (one hour before the CAPS walk) sent to me from a loyal reader. From what he could see, one black male was in hand-cuffs and placed against the Block building fence. There was one ATV officer, two police squad cars on the scene. The ATV was parked on the sidewalk. All the officers were looking over the Block building fence trying to find something.

A night of walking one month ago.

Friday, August 4, 2006

* It's Been One Year Already?

Tomorrow night marks the first year anniversary of Eidolon Art Studio; and they are pleased to invite you to attend their art opening featuring new works by:

Angela Scalisi: Photography, mixed media and diabetic works of art.

Tara Noftsier: Photography.

Sarah Carson: Claywork, ceramics and pottery.

Tory Ortschied: Lighting design.

Kevin Kalom: Leatherwork; whips, crops.

Michael Cianfrani: Screen printing, batik, and photography.

Hilesh Patel: Painting, spray paint, watercolor, stencil; canvas, wood, metal, paper & other objects.

Live Music with Christine Cozza (guitar), Bridget Donegan (violin) and Sean Reidy (upright bass).

And of course, food and refreshments will be provided to keep everyone pleasantly chilled.

Saturday - August 5, 2006, 7-10pm
eidolon art studio
7001 N. Glenwood

Redline El, Morse stop, exit north on Lunt, across from the Heartland Cafe

p.s. - Yes, they have air conditioning.
p.p.s. - Yes - you should forward this to others.

Thursday, August 3, 2006

* Alderman Moore Runs Business Out of City

Not happy that his 49th ward is suffering from no economic development, Alderman Moore just crippled another part of the city's economic engine with his fancy 'Big Box' ordinance.

Alderman Moore's first casualty wasn't Wal-Mart, it is Target. According to the Chicago Sun-Times today, Target is pulling the plug and not going to build a store in the city.

Not only is the 34th ward going to suffer, most likely the 46th ward will suffer with the Wilson Yards project expecting a Target too. Funny thing, like some coward, Alderman Shiller didn't vote on the 'Big Box' issue - showing no backbone to the cause. Now Shiller's not talking to the press.

So, forget about no Wal-Mart and no Foie Gras, they aren't the issues today. But it does make you wonder... Who's next Alderman Moore? Who are you going to force out of the city next? Oh, I almost forgot. If you keep this up, you're going to force us taxpaying homeowners out of the city with higher property taxes, right?

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

* Promises - Promises - Promises

As Alderman Moore keeps telling the world media "what my ward wants," regarding the Big-Box ordinance, (FYI: It's a week old already) comes these already in the hopper - public works projects.

Can anyone tell us when the Alderman's 'Golden Shovel - Groundbreaking Ceremony' will be for the Morse Avenue Streetscape?

Blog Bonus Points: Tell us when the Gale Fieldhouse project will start?

Extra - Extra: How about when the new Fire Station on Clark Street - When will that project start?

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